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Best Bench Tricep Exercises You Can Do to Build Your Stronger Arms

by RitFit Sports on July 15, 2019

Strong arms are important for almost every upper body movement and your triceps are often the heavy lifters.

The triceps are essential for building upper body strength and helping with movement in your shoulders and elbows. Increasing triceps strength brings stability to your shoulders and arms, and you will have shapely, toned arms to go with your tight top. 

The best way to build strong, firm triceps is to choose the exercises that hit all those muscle fibers from every angle.

Sharing four effective bench tricep workout with you that you can train at home with a bench!

1. Tricep Kickback

As an isolation exercise, dumbbell kickbacks allow you to train the triceps without involving other muscles and activate about 88% of your triceps. Bodybuilders and aspiring trainees who need to develop the size and appearance to fit a standard would benefit a lot from this exercise. 

2. Skull Crusher

skull crusher,ritfit adjustable bench

Another isolation exercise to maximize the tension and range of motion on your triceps with all three heads of the triceps fully engaged during the exercise.

Skull Crusher can be done with all free weights: barbell, dumbbells, kettlebells, you name it. However, by using dumbbells or kettlebells, you are able to attack the triceps unilaterally. This can be beneficial for trainees who may have muscle imbalances or coordination issues.

3. Bench Dip

bench dip,ritfit adjustable bench

A body-weight exercise to work on all three triceps heads and the exercise requires much focus and concentration. You are able to lift your entire bodyweight with dips, which is pretty challenging! This dip is primarily a triceps exercise, but your chest, fronts of the shoulders and upper back do play a supporting role.

4. Chest Press

chest press,ritfit adjustable bench

Chest press is commonly known to target your pecs. However, a study published in a 2005 issue of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed a narrow grip chest press increases activation of the triceps and lessens the activation of the pecs.

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