RitFit 3-Tier Combo Weight Storage Rack for Dumbbells Plates Kettlebells

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As a fitness enthusiast, you may expect to add more and more fitness equipment to upgrade your home gym set. Say the dumbbells alone can no longer satisfy your exercise need. You want barbells, collars, weight plates, kettlebells, medicine balls, and so much more. But then, you look around your room and begin to wonder: how could I arrange all this stuff while keeping my home gym space tidy and orderly?

The RitFit 3-Tier Combo Weight Storage Rack is here to resolve the storage issue. You may not be a professional athlete, but you too deserve a professional weight storage rack. This versatile rack stand meets your various storage demands. 

We cannot guarantee that our weight storage rack will be compatible with the dumbbells of other brands. Remember to measure your equipment if you do not have RitFit Hex Rubber dumbbells.

A Rack Meets Multiple Storage Needs 

RitFit 3-tier weight storage rack, featuring 3-tier storage space for different storage purposes. This dumbbell rack for small weights bears various fitness equipment. The weight storage rack on the first tier carries all kinds of weighted balls, straps, bands, and other light gear. The weight storage rack on the second and third-tier stores the dumbbells. The limit bar below helps sort out your kettlebells. Hooks on both side frames are designed for hanging straps, battle ropes, and such, while the tubes store barbell plates and collars. Moreover, the barbell can be settled perfectly well in the two open tubes behind.

Safe and Steady 

This weight storage rack, with the sturdy frame, can steadily uphold the maximum weight of up to 1000 pounds. No need to worry that it may lean over due to the heavyweights, for the triangle bottom ensures stability. The rubber end caps on both sides prevent dangerous shifting and sliding while also protecting the floor.

Space-Saving Design 

The weight storage rack only takes about 12 square feet, thus saving space for your home gym meanwhile keeping your dumbbells neat and tidy.

Easy to Assemble & Use 

The stylish weight storage rack also comes with a detailed instruction manual with pictures to help you assemble the rack stand step by step. It only takes 3 steps to build your weight storage rack! Besides, the comfortable tilt angle of the rack allows you to set aside and pick up the dumbbell with the slightest effort. You’ll enjoy using the rack once the assembly is finished!


  • Max Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds
  • Assemble Size: 45.67 x 29 x 43 inches
  • Rail Length: 40.75 inches
  • Distance Between Rails: 9.45 inches
  • Special Features: 3-tier weight storage rack, 4 storage weight posts, durable powder-coated finish, easy assembling, rubber end caps
  • Note: weights and accessories are NOT Included



RitFit 3-Tier Combo Weight Storage Rack for Dumbbells Plates Kettlebells
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