RitFit 40'' Mini Trampoline for Adults Indoor Trampoline

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RitFit 40'' Mini Trampoline for Adults Indoor Trampoline for Kids

Jumping is such a nostalgic exercise. When is the last time you bounce around like there are no worries in life? You will probably realize that feeling is back in the day. RitFit 40'' Mini Trampoline for adults is your perfect tool to re-experience that fun while improving your fitness. This indoor trampoline presents excellent stability and bounciness. Steel construction and quality materials are there to guarantee safety and a long lifespan. Of course, the indoor trampoline is small and light; it supports multiple types of exercises and suits everyone in the family alike.

Steel Construction Produces Perfect Stability
The RitFit Mini Indoor Trampoline features an extra-thick steel frame with six heavy-duty steel supports. All supports wear non-slip plastic caps that reduce the impact of your bounce on your floor. The solid steel construction rules out any risk of tipping over; you may well rely on the indoor trampolines' absolute stability for a carefree bounce.

Quality and Sanitary Jumping Mat
Our PP Jumping Mat exhibits multiple strengths. The breathable surface possesses a waterproof feature, so this indoor trampoline does not retain stain and allows easy cleaning. The smooth yet sturdy webbing is perfectly gentle on your bare skin and can hold weight up to 400lbs. The mat also shows excellent elasticity--feel free to have a hell of a bounce on it!

Bungee Cords and Fixed Buckles Produce Firm Connection
We apply bungee cords to connect the jumping mat and the steel frame. Adding special fixed buckles, we further magnify the secure connection between the jumping mat and the steel frame. Compared to springs, the bungee cords protect your feet from getting caught, produce much less noise, and make a sturdy one-piece trampoline that requires minimum assembly processes. The best part is that they will not rust, which leads to a longer lifespan of the indoor trampoline.

Small Footprint and High Versatility
This mini trampoline for adults is 40 inches wide and weighs 11lbs. Its small footprint favors indoor use. Its sturdy construction is perfect for repeated jumps, not to mention low-impact exercises such as Yoga and balance training. Simply set up the indoor trampoline in your living room, and both the young and the old in the family are ready to reap fun no matter it is raining or snowing outside.


  • Brand: RitFit 40'' Mini Trampoline For Adults/Indoor Trampoline
  • Color: Rose, Green
  • Maximum Weight: 440 Pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 10 inches
  • Product Weight: 11 Pounds


RitFit 40'' Mini Trampoline for Adults Indoor Trampoline
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