RitFit Power Cage PC-410
RitFit Power Cage PC-410 is the best budget power cage for home gym. Constructed with 2'' X 2'' upright steel frames, this power cage has an up to 1000lb weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a...
$499.99 $424.99
Strength Training Box STB-1000 HIIT Bench
Let me present with pride RitFit's STB-1000 Strength Training Box/HIIT Bench, a revolutionary all-in-one model, innovatively designed for those who are gym-enthusiastic and futuristic at the same time. You think that is just another conventional workout bench. We tell you...
$499.99 $429.99
RitFit Safety Squat Bar, Yoke Bar with Removable Shoulder and Arm Pads
The use of the safety squat bar, a.k.a. Yoke bar, has grown in popularity over the last few years, mainly from the inclusion of split squats and hand-supported exercises. Using a safety squat bar is known to increase your maximum working weight...
$289.99 $229.99
RitFit Black E-Coat Olympic Hex Bar Trap Bar Deadlift Bar
With our RitFit Trap Bar, a.k.a Hex Bar or Deadlift Bar, there is less space for injury and more space for gains when you are deadlifting, shrugging, and pulling compared to the standard barbell. This trap bar for standard plates...
RitFit U-210 Two-Upright Squat Rack with Barbell and Plates Storage
  Officially introducing the RitFit squat rack here to y'all squat fans. This squat rack’s got a no-frill look but is not at all plain when it comes to its functions. With versatile designs and various customization options, you will...
from $409.99
RitFit Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set 10-60 lbs
Knurled Ergonomic Handle Gives You a Secure Grip RitFit’s rubber hex dumbbells feature an ergonomically designed chrome handle—tapering at two ends—to enhance a power grip. The knurled handle surface provides solid contact with your hands, and you shall find it easy to...
$69.99 from $64.99
Aerobic Stepper with Risers Exercise Step Platform - Red
$67.99 from $20.00
Aerobic Stepper with Risers Exercise Step Platform - Red
RitFit Aerobic Stepper with Risers is sturdy enough to support up to 300 pounds of weight. The versatility of this exercise step platform is ideal for mixing up any workout program and more complex cardio workouts at studios and homes. ...
$67.99 from $20.00
ToughFit Black Olympic Weight Plates Bumper Plates Set
SPECIFICATIONS Color: Black Material: Rubber with steel insert Weight: 10-55 lbs each Insert Diameter: 2 inches Overall Diameter: 17.5 inches Plate Sets: 100LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X25LBS120LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X35LBS160LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X45LBS260LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X35LBS, 2X45LBS DESCRIPTION ToughFit Black Bumper Plates are extremely durable and attractive, designed to be perfect for cross-training/HIIT workouts and Olympic...
from $89.99
RitFit Preacher Curl Bench with EZ Curl Bar Set
If you are a gym-goer having your eyes set on gaining BIG and toned biceps with increased strength, then RitFit Preacher Curl Bench will help you to achieve your fitness goal. DESIGNED FOR INTENSE TRAININGThe preacher curl bench prevents cheating...
from $299.00
RitFit Neoprene Kettlebell Set 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 lb Kettlebell - 20 LBS (Red)
$65.99 from $39.99
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RitFit Neoprene Kettlebell Set 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 lb Kettlebell - 20 LBS (Red)
❗ON SALE❗: 25/30/35/40/45/50 LBS Kettlebell Neoprene Coating Makes Distinguished Kettlebell Set - RitFit's Neoprene Kettlebell set is noted for being super durable, easy to sanitize, and odorless. Neoprene coating protects the bell and your flooring. And the grainy finish makes our...
$65.99 from $39.99
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59'' Straight Weightlifting Bar, ⌀2'' Sleeves
This Straight Strength Training Bar is of 4.9ft (59 inches), the weight is 26.5 pounds. But the max weight capacity can be 500lbs, fitting all standard 50MM diameter weight discs. With a 28.5MM shaft diameter, this is a great bar for people with medium-sized...
$119.99 $99.99
RitFit Weighted Workout Bar Set Rubber Aerobic Exercise Bar 5-25LB
The RitFit Weighted Workout Bars are steel bars covered with easy-grip rubber, which can be used in a variety of exercises including Pilates, aerobic training, yoga, strength training, etc. The high-quality weighted workout bar’s core is made of heavy-duty steel and it...
$74.99 from $28.99
RitFit Cable Lat Pulldown Machine Low Row Machine CM-400
  Specifications: Color: Black Assembled Dimensions: 78.8’’ x 34.5’’ x 84.7’’ Pad Dimensions: 20.4’’ x 9.8’’ Product Weight: 104.7lb Plate Carriage Load Capacity: 400lb  Seat Load Capacity: 400lb Seat Positions: 5 adjustments Knee Support Positions: 8 adjustments Warranty: 1 Year   Key Features: 2-IN-1...
$459.99 $405.99
RitFit 3-in-1 High Density Heavy Foam Plyometric Jumping Box
RitFit Foam Plyometric Jumping Box is ONLY constructed from high-density foam (can resist early sagging with ease) and is built to last through those long hours of fitness training. With a 440-pound weight limit, you can be confident that when you...
$149.99 from $120.99
RitFit Solid Rubber Medicine Balls Wall Ball 6-20 LBS
❗ON SALE❗: 12/16/18 LBS Solid Rubber Medicine Ball   DESCRIPTION Available in 10 weight increments for gradual progression (from 2 LB up to 20 LB), the RitFit Solid Rubber Medicine Balls are available to enhance your workout routine by developing...
$39.99 from $29.99
RitFit Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar
$69.99 $29.99
RitFit Wall-Mounted Chin-Up Bar
With excellent weight-bearing and sturdy structure, this wall-mounted chin-up bar gives you strong and safe exercise support at home, garage, and gym, offering a capacity of 330lbs weights. RitFit chin-up bar has 6 grip points, providing multi-angle full-body exercises.  It...
$69.99 $29.99
RitFit Flat Bench Press Station
Specifications:  Brand: RitFit Flat Bench Press Station | At Home Bench Press Set Dimensions: 63''x77''x63'' (LxDxH) Footprint: 33.6 sq ft Weight: 121 lbs Max Load Capacity: 1100 Lbs 30LBS SET INCLUDES: 5lbs black rubber plates X2, 10lbs black rubber plates X2, 7ft 20kg 500lbs...
from $429.99
RitFit Balance Trainer Half Ball with Resistance Bands
    Free Workout Posters & Programs RitFit Balance Trainer Half Ball comes with a workout poster detailing 34 balance ball exercises and now all RitFit customers will have FREE access to 40+ balance ball trainer HIIT exercises to tone your upper body, lower...
RitFit 3-Tier Combo Weight Storage Rack for Dumbbells Plates Kettlebells
SPECIFICATIONS Max Weight Capacity: 1000 pounds Assemble Size: 45.67 x 29 x 43 inches Rail Length: 40.75 inches Distance Between Rails: 9.45 inches Special Features: 3 tier weight storage rack, 4 storage weight posts, durable powder-coated finish, easy assembling, rubber...
RitFit Rubber Flooring Gym Mats Interlocking Tiles 0.25'' Thickness - Black/Yellow
A quality flooring--as represented by RitFit High-Density Rubber Gym Floor Mats/Interlocking Tiles--grants several benefits you don't want to miss: You will have the liberty to drop weights without banging your floor as the tiles are sound absorbent. RitFit gym floor...
from $79.99
ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench Foldable Weight Bench TWB-1000
ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench/Foldable Weight Bench, a well-built and super comfy low profile weight bench, is adjustable to support all types of bench press and more. With upgraded features compared to other adjustable workout benches, this is all you need...
from $230.00
RitFit Balancing Half Ball Balance Trainer with Resistance Bands
With two detachable resistance bands to work out, a brand new RitFit Balancing Half Ball is designed with a free poster detailing 34 balance ball exercises.   The Balancing Half Ball is easy to use both in gyms and home workouts and...
$99.99 $66.99
RitFit Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball, Single and Bundle Offers - 5LBS-Purple
$69.99 from $33.99
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RitFit Soft Leather Medicine Wall Ball, Single and Bundle Offers - 5LBS-Purple
❗ ON SALE ❗: 25 LBS Wall Ball SMOOTH GRIP: Made of durable, high-quality PU leather and PP cotton material, the RitFit Wall Balls are soft and grippable. The exercise ball's large, ergonomic build makes it easy to throw, catch, and...
$69.99 from $33.99
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RitFit Tyre Tread Non-Bouncing Slam Ball 10-40LBS
If you can keep only one thing in your gym, RitFit's Tyre Tread Non-Bouncing Slam Ball can't be the wrong choice. Unbeatable construction, dead weight, grippy PVC surface, and versatile use--RitFit Slam Ball is not your conventional med ball! Get that...
$39.90 from $29.90

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