RitFit Rubber Flooring Gym Mats Interlocking Tiles 0.25'' Thickness

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A quality flooring--as represented by RitFit High-Density Rubber Gym Floor Mats/Interlocking Tiles--grants several benefits you don't want to miss:

  • You will have the liberty to drop weights without banging your floor as the tiles are sound absorbent.
  • RitFit gym floor mats impact at times you fall and thus serve the vital benefit of reducing the risk of injury.
  • RitFit gym floor mats effectively supply enough traction to your movement against slips. 

RitFit's gym floor mats comprise 100% high-density rubber, with unflashy, classic black and white/blue/yellow flecks that go well with almost any home gym setup. It's the best home gym flooring over concrete. The puzzle-shaped gym floor mats have precisely cut edges which easily interlock with one another. The pack also includes 8 pieces of the border edges to help you seal off your flooring with beautiful linear borders.

Why Rubber, Not Foam?

Because rubber is way sturdier and more enduring than foam. Our 100% rubber gym floor mats can withstand heavier weights dropping on top of it without deformation than foam tiles can.


Material: 100% Rubber

Colors: black & white flecks, black & blue flecks

Quantity: 4 tiles + 8 border edges

                6 tiles + 12 border edges

Size/Tile: 24'' x 24'' ( 2ft x 2ft )

Footprint per tile: 4 sq ft

Tile thickness: 0.25'' (6mm)


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