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    RitFit 1000LB Capacity Power Cage | FREE Attachments including Pulley System Safety Bar, Plate Holder, Landmine, J-Hooks and Dip Bars etc.

    $749.99 $899.99

      The RitFit Power Cage with Lat Pull-down Attachment is a functional piece of equipment that decreases the risk of injury when lifting solo and at higher weights. Constructed with 2'' X 2'' upright steel frames, this power cage has an up to 1000lb weight capacity, giving you the flexibility for multiple strength training exercises, within a safe environment and in a compact space. This power cage also includes two safety bars, two dip bars, a 1'' and 2'' switchable plate storage rack (suitable for both Olympic plates and standard plates), and other optional equipment. With a large walk-in space and rubber feet, it ensures stability and protects your flooring. 

      This power cage could be highly customizable and can be expanded with add-ons such as a lat pull-down attachment, dip bars, storage poles, and many more. Front of the rack includes a multi-grip pull-up bar for additional exercises and stretches. In one piece of equipment, you can target multiple muscle groups from your core to your shoulders. 


      Attachments Features
      J hooks for power cage Sandwich J-Hook X 2

      800lbs capacity

      made of high-grade steel

      Rubber liners for bar rod protection and noise reduction
      dip bars for power cage Dip Bar X 2

      350lbs capacity

      Quick adjustment

      Comfortable grip
      pulley system for power cage Pulley System X 1

      220lbs capacity

      Easy and quick installation
      barbell plates holders Plate Storage X 2

      600lbs capacity

      Suitable for both 2'' and 1'' hole plates
      landmine for power cage T-Bar Row Landmine X 1

      Pairing with a barbell, plates or battle ropes for various shoulder and core exercises
      lat pull down bar Lat Pull Down Bar X 1

      300lbs capacity

      Slip-resistant EVA handles

      Easy hook for resistance bands exercises
      safety bar for power cage

      Pipe Safeties X 2

      Engineered to take the force from drops 

      Provide a safe lifting environment

      Pull up bar Multi-grips Pull-up Bar X 1

      2-in-1 design for pull ups and chip ups
      Multiple grip positions


      • Assembled Dimensions: 85.5" x 43" x 52"
      • Product Weight: 220 LB
      • Uprights Capacity: 1000LB
      • Dip Bar Capacity: 350LB
      • Pull-up Bar Capacity: 300LB
      • Pulley System Capacity: 200LB
      • Package: Sent in 2 separate packages including a workout guide poster

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 33 reviews
      Did my homework and love my choice!

      I looked at 7 other power cages on Amazon (papabe, vanswe, merax, er kang, mikolo, fitness reality, and simple L). I set up a spreadsheet comparing cost, star rating by customers, presence of a landmine, weight capacity, does it come with dip handles, does it come with storage pins, does it come with adaptor sleeves, and several other factors. Ritfit was my first choice, even though it didn't have the highest star rating. I liked the fact that it had a landmine, dip handles, the leg hold down for seated lat pull downs, adaptor sleeves included (which are more expensive to buy on your own than you might think) and the storage pins. There are two storage pins on each side. Besides the fact that these pins are handy for storing your plates, they also add stability when doing pull ups and dips. I ordered the Ritfit and received both boxes quickly and on the same day. The set up was easy and the instructions were easy to follow. I was only missing one lock nut and purchased a replacement at Home Depot for less than a dollar. I love the landmine feature. It is one of my favorite exercises on the cage. I love having the high and low pulleys, and I didn't even know ahead of time that the low pulley has a foot plate. I highly recommend this unit. Don't believe any negative reviews. It is the best value in this price range. I have worked out on it several times and I am very pleased with everything. I put it together by myself, but I recommend having a friend help you. This is the perfect home gym, unless you are training for the Olympics or to be an NFL lineman and are using an insane amount of weight. For the other 99.9 percent of us, stop wasting your time on research and just buy the Ritfit already. I did the homework for you. The cage is deep enough to fit a bench comfortably in for bench press, which was a complaint for some of the other cages. Buy it and enjoy!

      Awesome! A must have home gym!

      Everything is pretty much included! Get this if you’re building your own at home.

      So Far, So Good

      Just set it up and had my first quick workout. Love the pull up bar. So far so good!!!


      Great product well worth the price

      Ritfit cage

      Great product! Took about under 2 hours to assemble. The hooks, pulley, and safety bars have been great. Would recommend this product.