RitFit BPC04 Multifunctional Power Cage

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Package A

Power Cage  BPC04 Multifunctional Power Cage
Weight Bench PWB01 Weight Bench
Plates 170LB Bumper Plates
170LB Set - 2X10LBS, 2x15LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X35LBS
Bonus A Pair of Collars (Random Color)

Package B

Power Cage  BPC04 Multifunctional Power Cage
Weight Bench PWB01 Weight Bench
Plates 260LB Bumper Plates
260LB Set - 2x10LBS, 2x15LBS, 2x25LBS, 2x35LBS, 2x45LBS
Bonus A Pair of Collars (Random Color)

Package C

Power Cage  BPC04 Multifunctional Power Cage
Weight Bench PWB01 Weight Bench
Plates 370LB Bumper Plates
370LB Set - 2X10LBS,2x15LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X35LBS, 2X45LBS, 2X55LBS
Bonus A Pair of Collars (Random Color)
Smith Machine System

The Smith section has 10 pairs of hooks and is equipped with safety stops to dampen impact and protect you from injury effectively. Co-using with a weight bench, bench presses, squats, shoulder presses, deadlifts, etc., can be fulfilled.

Cable Crossover System

There are 16 height adjustments available on each upright with laser-engraved numbers. The PU-wrapped cables can withstand up to 300 lbs of weight, offering an incredibly smooth experience. The system features a 1:1 ratio, meaning 10 lbs feels like 10 lbs.

Low Row System

Featured with upgraded dual rails, the pulley system is extraordinarily smooth and stable. The power cage comes with a rubber-coated low-row bar, which is also compatible with a wide variety of our cable attachments.

Multi-grip Pull-up Bar

The multi-grip pull-up bar allows you to perform various upper-body exercises and target different muscle groups.

Two-grips Dip Bar

The dip bar features two grips. Depending on your conditions or training goals, you can choose a narrow or wide grip.

Safety Spotter Arms

With a maximum static weight capacity of 660 lbs, the spotter arms safely support heavy loads, and they are reinforced with plastic pads to reduce noise and keep your barbell from damage.

Plate Storage Pins

There are 6 plate storage pins attached to the uprights, reaching up to 1500 lbs in total. Steel-wrapped out layer makes it difficult to be deformed.

Leg Hold-down

This attachment allows you to lock your legs when doing a low row or lat pulldown. It is so practical that helps you standardize your exercise posture.


Made of heavy-duty black powder-coated steel construction, the full 360-degree revolving landmine ensures its durable and reliable use. This landmine fits 2" Olympic barbell bars.


This pair of J cups can support up to 660 lbs statically. They fit a 2''x2'' power rack with a 1-inch hole. The featured rubber cushion can protect your barbell bar and reduce noise during exercise.

Barbell Holder

A barbell holder is at the back of the power cage, suitable for a 2" Olympic Barbell. Reinforced with premium coating, the hammered finish of this holder protects its overall structure from scratches.

Workout Guide Board

There are 45 exercises on the board for your reference. This workout guide poster presents almost all training that can be done by our various attachments, and the main muscle groups are highlighted in each thumbnail.

Model BPC04 
Footprint 25.3 sqft
Height 86.9”
Product Weight 440.9 lbs
Upright 2’’ x 2’’
Upright Hole Diameter 1’’
Upright Capacity 2000 lbs
Smith Capacity 660 lbs
Smith Safety Pins 10
J-Hook Capacity 660 lbs
Safety Spotter Arm Capacity 660 lbs
Safety Spotter Arm Length 16’’
Dip Bar Capacity 300 lbs
Pull-Up Bar Capacity 300 lbs
Pulldown Load Capacity 220 lbs Each
Plate Storage Capacity 250 lbs Each
Pulley System Capacity 300 lbs
Pulley Ratio 1:1
Package 1 Wooden Box
Warranty 5 Years Basic Warranty*


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