RitFit Wall Mouted Multifunctional Dip Hack Squat Rack

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Wall Mounted Requirements:

All products in the Wallmounts series must be installed on solid loading-bearing walls, such as cement walls, concrete brick walls, tiled walls, etc. Another option is to first install them into an appropriate-sized plywood panel and then mount them all to the wall where you designate.

Installation Requirements:

All nuts and bolts have to be checked carefully (whether loose or not) before each use. If you have no experience with impact drilling, it is recommended to install them by professionals (at least two installers) and mark all hole positions before assembly. Six holes with a diameter of 14 mm (0.55'') and a depth of 100 mm (3.94'') are required for basic fixation. The height (highest point) should be at least 2150 mm (84.65'') above the ground and remain completely vertical to ensure the normal use of all attachments.

RitFit will not be responsible for any damage caused by unstable walls or your own improper installation!


Main Frame (supporting uprights):

The 2.5mm extra-thick heavy-duty steel and 60mm x 60mm (2.36” x 2.36”) tubing ensure its durability for long-lasting use. It offers 16 height positions, flexibly adjusted to your own needs.

Hack Squat Attachment:

The Hack Squat accessory, featuring 7 stopper holes and comfortable shoulder-rest pads, enables you to execute Vertical Hack Squats, Reverse Vertical Hack Squats, and Calf Raises, etc., targeting your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes more efficiently, intensifying your lower body strength, holding up to 660 lbs, fitting 2'' weight plates.

All attachments can be easily assembled by just pulling and inserting the pins at the end joint, and stored by simply folding down to free up your space perfectly.


RitFit Wall Mouted Multifunctional Dip Hack Squat Rack
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