RitFit PHB01 Strength Training Box HIIT Bench (STB-1000)

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Let me present with pride RitFit's PHB01 Strength Training Box/HIIT Bench, a revolutionary all-in-one model, innovatively designed for those who are gym-enthusiastic and futuristic at the same time. You think that is just another conventional workout bench. We tell you that this is a training station, a storage box, and a moving mini "box gym"! We built this HIIT bench with a high-grade carbon steel backbone that efficiently partitioned five compartments for maximum storage. Six bench positions and multiple anchor points serve to readily transform the box for cardio, HIIT, conditioning, functional, and strength training. We strongly encourage you to tailor your own fitness programs by combining these above-mentioned elements so as to use this training box up to its maximum capacity. By the way, this box moves. Slide it on its smooth caster wheels, and you and your mini "box gym" are ready to go!

*For programming inspirations, check out our workout poster for myriad exercises you can try with the PHB01 HIIT Bench! 

Key Features

Tank-like Steel Construction

RitFit PHB01 HIIT Bench adopts up to 13-gauge carbon steel for its mainframe, of which the superb stability is conspicuously displayed through the unwavering stand of this product. The seat pads comprise an EPE foam insert finely stitched within a durable PVC leather cover. With a widened surface, the pads comfortably support your body throughout training. Built like a tank, this compact training box can hold up to 1000 lbs without wavering. 

Clean-cut Presentation

The HIIT bench maintains clean-cut edges and glows in the signature RitFit salamander orange. The finely embossed aluminum brand plates add unobtrusive luster to the overall minimal presentation of the training box. The sturdy yet crispy look of the PHB01 HIIT bench shall redefine that of your conventional fitness equipment.

5 Integrated Storage Compartments 

RitFit PHB01 HIIT Bench is more than an ordinary workout bench given that it has five centralized storage compartments.

Two steel-mesh-fenced cubicles accommodate exercise balls, kettlebells, and medium-sized weights.

Dumbbell rack shelving on two sides of the training box can store up to four pairs of dumbbells.

One more chamber can be found underneath the backrest pad, in which you can place foam rollers, bands, and other gym accessories.

These compartments will effectively reduce clutter in your circuit while storing your essentials right at your fingertip.

Two Caster Wheels Make the Workout Station Highly Transferable

RitFit PHB01 HIIT Bench features two high-quality caster wheels that slide easily on any standard even flooring. Simply lift the training box on its handles located on the opposite end of the wheels, and move it wherever you wish--this box is all under your command.

An All-in-One Mini "Box Gym" of Your Own

RitFit PHB01 HIIT Bench occupies less than a 6 sq ft footprint, similar in size to any standard ottoman bench. But speaking of its versatility, it has the condensed capacity that equates to a significant portion of your home gym. The HIIT bench portion supports 6 position adjustments ( 0°,25°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°), supporting workouts that target various muscle groups. The training box might as well be used as a plyo box to fulfill the cardio aspect of your training program. There are also multiple anchor points for resistance bands and battle ropes, so you have the liberty to spice up your training routine with accessories as well. 

Tailor Your Fitness Program with the Training Box

We highly encourage you to tailor fitness programs combining a handful of elements such as cardio, HIIT, conditioning, functional, and strength training with a PHB01 HIIT bench. This training box supports all the above-mentioned with its integral and functional design--minimum size, maximum storage capacity, and versatility. *For programming inspirations, check out our workout poster for myriad exercises you can try with PHB01 HIIT Bench! 


Model Number: PHB01 (STB-1000 originally)

Product Weight: 90 lbs

Dimension: 15.8''x 51.6’’x 18.11’’-52.4’’ (W x L x H)

Bench Positions: 0°, 25°, 40°, 50°, 60°, 70°

Weight Capacity: 1000 lbs

Footprint: 6 sq ft


RitFit PHB01 Strength Training Box HIIT Bench (STB-1000)
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