RitFit Rubber Hex Dumbbell with Metal Handle For Free Weights Exercises|10-60 lbs Weights Range

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RitFit Rubber Hex Dumbbells are available in weights ranging from 10 lbs to 60 lbs. You can buy in pairs in weights from 10 lbs to 25 lbs and buy in single in weights from 30 lbs to 60 lbs. With solid cast-iron core, rubber-encased coating, and chrome-plated handles, RitFit Dumbbells are durable and ensure a secure, comfortable grip, minimizing the noise and damage on the floor.


RitFit Dumbbells are versatile to perform all types of workouts, including resistance training, functional training, and HIIT, helping to tone the body, build muscles, and enhance strength. Free weights exercises such as chest presses, deadlifts, shrugs, curls, and extensions are essential to staying fit and strong. Use them at home, outdoors, in a studio, or in a hotel. Even if you are en elite athletes or new to the fitness lifestyle, it’s simple to perform and easy to learn the exercises by using the dumbbells.


Please note that all products made from rubber are just like new tires in that they will initially have a distinct smell: Expect a slight odor which will generally dissipate over time; however, some individuals are more sensitive to the odor.



  • Weight range: 10-60 lbs
  • Materials: Solid cast iron core, chrome-plated handle, and rubber-coated weights.
  • Handle Diameter: 33MM