Weighted Workout Bar Set Aerobic Exercise Body Bar 5-25LB
OVERVIEW The versatile RitFit Weighted Workout Bar can be used in a variety of exercises including Pilates, aerobic training, yoga, strength training, etc. Exercising with the RitFit Weighted Workout Bar helps tone arms and legs, sculpt and strengthen the core,...
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RitFit Resistance Fabric Loop Bands Set for Hip Exercise Booty & Glutes Workout
Glutes are built, not given! Apply the RitFit Resistance Fabric Loop Bands to your legs, around your knees, and over your quads to increase the overall tension to activate and strengthen your glutes, hips, and quads. RitFit resistance loop band...
$25.99 $18.99
Dual Grip Medicine Ball with Handles
RitFit Dual Grip Medicine Ball is a must-have home gym equipment for strength and conditioning workouts. In contrast to a normal medicine ball, the dual grip medicine ball features a durable hard rubber shell with two handles. The revolutionary design...
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