ToughFit 1000LB Capacity Adjustable Weight Bench TWB-1000

Bench :

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ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench/Foldable Weight Bench, a well-built and super comfy low profile weight bench, is adjustable to support all types of bench presses and more. With upgraded features compared to other adjustable workout benches, this is all you need for all the bench workouts.

Safe Wobble-Free Steel Frame 
With safety being one of our top concerns, we construct ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench/Foldable Weight Bench with a solid commercial steel frame that can hold weight up to a whopping 1000 lbs. The steel frame adopts a triangular structure, which exhibits perfect stability and safety across various bench workouts. Unlike other adjustable workout benches with shaky legs, NOT THE SLIGHTEST BUDGE you will feel with ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench.

A Multiuse, Highly Versatile Bench
Given 10 combinations of position adjustments, ToughFit Adjustable Workout Bench/Foldable Weight Bench leverages the use of a single weight bench to its extreme. With five angles for the back pad & two angles for the seat pad, you can adjust this bench into an inclining or flat position, and accomplish dumbbell presses, crunches, hops, step-ups, and curl-ups all on one bench. The ladder adjustments require you to only lift a pad and place it down at your wanted height; a drag handle design is added to facilitate transportation.

High Comfort Level: Foam-Filled Leather Pads
We also care about the comfort level of our equipment. Therefore, the seat pad and back pad feature soft leather filled with dense foam padding. The leather is gentle on your bare skin even when repeatedly rubs against it; meanwhile, the foam comfortably supports your body even under a hard press. 

Other Benefits: Easy Assembly, Storage, and Portability
With explicit instructions coming in the package, it only takes a quick fifteen minutes to assemble our bench. 
For storage, you need a few seconds to fold our adjustable workout bench, and then you can store it in a closet, or slide it under a bed. Besides, with every purchase, Ritfit provides you with our unique workout poster detailing 36 bench exercise instructions to help you maximize the use of this equipment! 


  • Color: Black
  • Product Weight: 37 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Back Positions: 5 back pad adjustments x 2 seat pad adjustments


ToughFit 1000LB Capacity Adjustable Weight Bench TWB-1000
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