RitFit Detachable Black E-Coat Olympic Trap Bar Hexagon Deadlift Bar

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The Trap Bar often called Hex Bar or Deadlift Bar is one of the best specialty bars for building strength and developing power in the deadlift.

The load is centered and more balanced with a hex trap bar, so it puts much less stress on the spine. Deadlifting, shrugging, and pulling with a hex trap bar is superior and safer than doing with a traditional straight bar. RitFit hex trap bar for standard plates is a safer option for intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts.


Ergonomic Design

The hexagonal frame of our trap bar is ergonomically designed to allow for a linear bar path and keep the weight centered with the body’s midline during lifts. This puts less shear force on the lumbar spine and well targets your quadriceps. With 10'' sleeves, a standard 2'' sleeve diameter, and a maximum load rating of 750lb, this hex trap bar is designed to withstand your heavy training sessions and help you become strong as heck. The aggressive knurling on both flat handles and raised handles provides a firm grip for you. The handle spread measures 22.8 inches across.

Superior Durability

RitFit chooses stainless steel—the top-notch corrosion-resistant material—to make our hex trap bar solid and durable. We then manufactured the bar with an extra layer of e-coat to further enhance its anti-oxidation feature. E-coating is an electrically applied paint coating known for its superior coverage, adhesion, and corrosion resistance and can stand up to sunlight, water, and household chemicals. E-coat finishes give our hex trap bar exceptional durability, but they only require minimal maintenance.

Versatile Strength Training

Our hex trap bar is ideal for beginners in the power-lifting world! With a hex trap bar deadlift, you can naturally rise and extend the hips through to a safer vertical position. It's perfect to increase leg, hip, and back strength while minimizing pressure on the lower back. This is also an excellent tool for rehabilitation and performing shrugs, squats, Farmer’s walks, and bent-over rows. If you're into free weights and do deadlifts as part of your workout routine, this hex trap bar is a nice addition to your weight-lifting equipment.


Item Trap Bar
Material Steel
Finish Black E-coat
Weight 47LB
Total Length 55.9''
Loadable Sleeve Length 10''
Sleeve Diameter 2'' (Suitable for Olympic Weight Plates)
Handle s Diameter
Bonus (FREE) A Pair of Collars


RitFit Detachable Black E-Coat Olympic Trap Bar Hexagon Deadlift Bar
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