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    Under 1K Gym Package

    $950.00 $1,249.97

    This package comes with all you need for a own home gym!  It includes our multi-functional power cage with LAT pulley system, 7FT weightliting bar, an adjustable bench with 20 position combinations and a pair of collars! For more detailed specs on the bars, benches and cages, please visit their individual pages. 

    FID Bench Package Includes:
    • RitFit 1000lbs Capacity Power Cage
    • RitFit 7-Feet 500lbs Capacity Weightlifting Bar
    • RitFit Adjustable Bench 1.0-Sliver
    • RitFit Barbell Collar-1 Pair of Black

     Flat Bench Package Includes:

    • RitFit 1000lbs Capacity Power Cage
    • RitFit 7-Feet 500lbs Capacity Weightlifting Bar
    • RitFit Flat Weight Bench with Dumbbell Rack 
    • RitFit Barbell Collar-1 Pair of Black

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Michael Smith (Corona, US)
    Under 1k

    The entire set was amazingly shipped safely and the building process could not have been easier with the well put together instructions. Only issue would be that they send only one tracking number even with multiple things coming in different days.

    Hi Michael! Thanks for your pictures and review. Enjoy your workout!

    Brandon Lamson (Haverhill, US)
    Great Package Deal!

    I am beyond satisfied by my RitFit under 1k package deal. The power cage is built very well and putting the whole thing together was straight forward. Will be ordering from RitFit in the future to expand on my home gym.

    Thank you Brandon and your nice picture! Have a nice day and enjoy your workout!

    Rajanpreet Deo (Riverside, US)

    Easy to assemble

    Jonathan (Corpus Christi, US)
    Pretty happy

    You can't beat this setup for the price! Rack, bench, and lat pulldown for under 1k bucks! Quality is pretty decent. Assembly was quick and easy. I would recommend this to anyone else looking for a home gym set-up

    Thanks Jonathan! Thanks for your affirmation of us, we'll do better in the future!

    Marco Scozzarella (Tucson, US)
    Great Quality At A Good Price

    I bought this through Amazon, so I will not comment on the shipping, but it was packed well and the cage itself is amazing for the price! I went with this cage because of the 2" x 2" steel posts and all the extra pieces like the dip bars, the landmine, the weight storage and all the attachments for the lat pulldown system and I am very happy with this product. The instructions were very easy to follow and everything lined up perfect. My only concern was getting the pulley system right, but after looking at the last diagram in the instructions with the arrows I got it done.

    I will say that it is a lot sturdier than I thought it would be and with the weights on it it hardly moves at all using the dip bars, (and I am 270 lbs at the moment). The lat pulldown system works perfect and feels very smooth from both the bottom and top. I did have to buy an extra carabiner to get the piece that holds the weights to rest on the rubber stopper, but I am not sure if it needs to or not. It just made me feel better to have it resting on the stopper than leaving it hanging with the weights at all times.

    All in all, this is a very solid product that is easy to install, functions perfectly and looks great too. I would highly recommend this cage to anyone thinking about buying it.

    Awesome, Marco ! Thank you for shopping with us and for leaving a review. It helps us get the word out: more people need to know that fitness can be accessible and affordable