RitFit Neoprene Kettlebell 20-50 lbs Kettlebell

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RitFit Neoprene Kettlebell set is the perfect training pals for literally EVERYONE. You can complete both cardio and strength training with this neoprene kettlebell and get creative with its use.  

You can use RitFit neoprene kettlebell set for just about anything, from high-rep HIIT workouts to low-rep heavyweight slogs, and they’re especially good for compound workouts like swings and squats, increasing muscle, and burning fat.  It is truly a piece for a full-body workout.

Key Features

Neoprene Coating Makes Distinguished Kettlebell Set - RitFit's Neoprene Kettlebell set is noted for being super durable, easy to sanitize, and odorless. Neoprene coating protects the bell and your flooring. And the grainy finish makes our neoprene kettlebell set perfectly static and extremely sturdy against wear and tear. Besides, it is more grippy than raw steel or vinyl coating and is built to last.

Quality Kettlebells Core Made of Quality Material - Our neoprene kettlebell set has a solid cast iron core made under a stringent and precise manufacturing process. We guarantee you can rely on our neoprene kettlebell set for a long time.

Ergonomic Chrome Handle Gives You Comfortable Grip - Our neoprene kettlebell handles feature a smooth surface that serves to not abrase your hands even after repeated use. The window design provides just enough space to secure your both hands.

Prominent Coloring Permits Easy Identification - Accidentally picking a neoprene kettlebell set with two different weights can be a pain in the ass. Therefore, we use prominent colors, full coverage onto the bell, to differentiate different weights.

Varied Weights Allow Progression - This neoprene kettlebell set is available in 5-pound increments from 20 to 50 lbs, catering to the needs of both beginners and experienced exercisers.


  • Product: 1 x Neoprene kettlebell
  • Size and weight are color-coded for easy recognition: Red (20 lbs), Orange (25 lbs), Green (30 lbs), Blue (35 lbs), Grey (45 lbs), and Black (50 lbs)
  • Materials: Made of solid cast iron with environment-friendly neoprene coating for durability and corrosion protection, and the thick coating to protect flooring from getting scratched 


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