RitFit U-210 Two-Upright Squat Rack with Barbell and Plates Storage

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Officially introducing the RitFit squat rack here to y'all squat fans. This squat rack’s got a no-frill look but is not at all plain when it comes to its functions. With versatile designs and various customization options, you will be having a blast squatting, rowing, pulling up on this simple rack, not to mention its compact footprint and easy assembly process. If you are building a home gym, or try to work out at home, begin with the RitFit best budget squat rack for it will give you a huge bang on the buck!

Rigorous Manufacture Produces the Best Quality

RitFit's rigorous manufacturing standard demands that the frame of this squat rack comprises only 2x2 high-grade steel. The holes on each upright are precisely cut and possess equal spacing. The squat rack is also structurally sturdy as we flanked the uprights' bases with triangular reinforcement plates to secure them in place. In addition, attachments such as J-hooks also tell signs of quality, of which we put PU plastic liners on the outside to eliminate any metal-to-metal contact.

Minimalist in Appearance But Not in Functions

This squat rack is highly space-efficient as it only takes up 14.03 sq ft of your space. Though with only two uprights, you shall regardlessly find this squat rack carrying functions beyond its minimalist appearance. Equipped with one pair of J-hooks, and safties, one pull-up bar, and a landmine tube fitting both 1'' and 2'' bars, and resistant band pegs, this all-in-one squat rack will aid you through squats, pull-ups, dip-downs, rows, push-ups, just to name a few. 

Versatile Design Supports Customization

In case you want some bells and whistles on the rack to spice up your training, you have the liberty to do that. Barbells and plates are the basics. Resistant bands are another great addition to the squat rack as there are multiple resistant band hangers and pegs. You can as well add a bench in between the uprights to make it a bench press machine.

Barbell and Plates Storage All in One Rack

The squat rack comes with two vertical barbell holders and two plate storage rods, fittings all barbells and plates with a standard 2'' diameter. With that being said, you can store your most frequented bars and plates within quick reach.


Color: Orange

Material: Steel

Product Weight: 100lbs

Load capacity: 1000lbs

Product dimension: 51'' x 39.6'' x 88.8'' (W x D x H)

Product Footprint: 14.03 sq ft

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