ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell 20KG 1200LB Capacity

Bar :

Perfect For Upping Your Lifting Game
Solid construction, clear-cut design, precise dimensions--ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Bar 2.0 will be your reliable lifting partner for a long time. Flexible spin, comfortable knurling, and great tensile strength make this 7ft Olympic barbell also a favorite of athletes and professional lifters. This 7ft Olympic barbell with an impressive weight capacity of 1200lbs will fit your needs whether you are a novice lifter or a pro. 

Black E-coat Shaft Makes a Hard Wearing Bar
The Black E-coat shaft of ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Bar 2.0 exhibits excellent anti-oxidation ability compared to zinc or chrome coated shaft. E-coat is a material that ends on the upper end of an anti-oxidation rating spectrum, so you may expect the shaft of this 7ft Olympic barbell to withstand profuse sweat and external abrasions. The bar will keep its black mat appearance as new for long, and no chips or rusts shall come off of that! 

Roller Bearing Ensures Smooth Sleeve Spins
This 7ft Olympic barbell adapts four roller bearings for its sleeves (two on each side). The high-quality roller bearings we used are for longer-lasting and lower maintenance. They are essential in creating smooth motions between parts of equipment. Thus with the roller bearings, the ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Bar 2.0 produces a more responsive and smooth spin essential to some of your powerful performances such as a clean or a snatch.

Dual Marks and Standard Knurls for Effective Use
Dual knurl marks on this 7ft Olympic barbell--one 32 inches apart, and the other 36 inches apart--indicate IWF and IPF specified hand positions.  You may rely on our marks to train with international standards.

Medium knurls are found on the two ends of the shaft. These diamond knurlings enhance your grip just enough that they are not too sharp for your skin. Also, the absence of a center knurl is ideal for Olympic weightlifting training as it does not abrase your back. 


  • Brand: ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Bar 2.0
  • Load Capacity: 1200lbs
  • Length: 86.6''
  • Sleeve Diameter: 2''
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.12''
  • Finishing: Black E-Coat Shaft, Bright Zinc Sleeves
  • Tensile Strength (PSI): 190K
  • Bushing OR Bearing: Bearing
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Grip Marks: Dual (IPF and IWF)


ToughFit 7ft Olympic Barbell 20KG 1200LB Capacity
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