RitFit Weight Lifting Belt 6'' Low Profile Workout Belt

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RitFit 6-Inches Low Profile Weight Lifting Belt is ergonomically designed to provide firm and comfortable lumbar support during any kind of weight and strength training, and proper use of a weight lifting belt can protect the lower back and lumbar spine from injury.

The RitFit weight lifting belt is the best partner for weight lifting in homes and gyms, which has a contoured extra-wide 6-inch that provides full support and can ensure your back, abs, and entire core are evenly stabilized for extra power and strength. When lifting weights, you must warm up and use a workout belt to prevent injuries effectively.


  • What does a weight lifting belt do?

The technique of breath control is what allows weight lifting belts to work. They further constrain the abdomen and give you something rigid and immobile to press outward against. This further increases intra-abdominal pressure.

Also, the weight lifting belt makes holding this pressure throughout the lift easier. It also exposes why workout belts that expand their area over the lower back completely miss the mark. the intent is not to pull on the lower back or pad it. the intent is to have a firm surface to press the abs against. For that, you need a workout belt that is the same width all the way across.

  • How to wear a weight lifting belt?

When wearing the weight lifting belt, it should be positioned and tightened correctly. We've often seen lifters move the workout belt to a more comfortable position under their gut. Even though that is contrary to what they've learned.

Obviously, the workout belt shouldn't be too loose, although many make the mistake of making it too tight. A weight lifting belt so tight that you can't properly contract your abdominal wall will actually work against you. Take a breath (hold it), place the belt in position, and brace the abdominal wall. Draw the belt tight enough to slightly restrict your braced abdominal position to achieve maximum benefit. 

Please notice that choosing the right size weight lifting belt is essential to your workout effectiveness. Do not use your pant size to determine the size of your belt. To correctly determine the size, please use a tape measure around your back starting and ending at your belly button.

  • Who should buy the RitFit 6” weight lifting belt?

RitFit 6" weight lifting belt is quite a budget option for the lifter to look for. This weight lifting belt offers standard back and abdominal support, as a first belt, it's great for lift beginners to test the waters. Besides, at 6 inches around, this weight lifting belt covers more of the torso than almost any other belt, it's also welcomed by athletes who like to have more of the torso covered.

The 6-inch width provides great coverage of the midsection here, and the nylon doesn’t require any breaking in, and will likely be comfortable to train in from day one.


  • Product: RitFit Weight Lifting Belt-6'' Low Profile Workout Belt
  • Color: Black, Camo Gray, Camouflage, Stars&Stripes, and Fitness Mottos
  • Width: 6 inch
  • Fit Size: 22''-59'' (From S to XXL)
  • Buckle: Steel Tensioning Buckle
  • Belt Closure: Velcro closure
  • Material: Waterproof foam core with brushed tricot lining and softbound edges
  • Caution: When necessary, please hand-wash and drip dry


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