Bench Press is popular not only because you can develop your chests, shoulders, and backs with an easy learning curve via this single workout, but also because you can do it lying down. Typically on Monday, the so-called international press day, you'll see people line up in front of the bench press station. Besides, in many Hollywood movies, you can find that the bench press as a proof of strength in any montage where the hero gears up for the final battle. 

So, how about sparing yourself from the nuisance of waiting in line at gym, and making your international press day any day of the week? Why not progress at your own pace with all your bench press gears at home in the new year? We dare you to set a new year PRESSOLUTION this year because we already have a press-solution for you. More than half of all resolutions fail, but this year, they don’t have to be yours. Together, let's nail down your PRESSOLUTION!

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