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Two Different Thicknesses
Two Different Thicknesses
black rubber mat
6 pieces in 1 pack with 12 end borders
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Home Gym Bench Set | Adjustable, Foldable Bench with Black Rubber Floor Mats and Tiles

$188.98 $230.98
  • Barcode: BENCHMAT05

With 20 combinations of seat and back-rest positions to choose from, this versatile weight bench can adapt to multiple training purposes, improving your workout efficiency. You can customize its setting movements for flat and inclined bench press with dumbbells, crunches, hops, step-ups among other weight lifting and body weights training. This is an ideal full-body home workout equipment for elite athletes and also beginners.

Made with a durable steel frame that guarantees solid construction with 12-inch wide contoured foam pads, RitFit Adjustable Weight Bench provides an optimal amount of support and comfort to get the most out of your workouts. It is perfect for home-gym with minimal assembly steps and can be easily folded to stand on a wall or to store in a closet. A workout poster detailing 36 bench exercise instructions is included in the package, helping you to build a better physique at home.

The Fitness Mat, each tile measured 4 square feet, can be connected together in dozens of variations to cover and protect home gym floors, with non-slip design and material preventing you from unnecessary injuries during workouts.

This Mat provides maximum shock absorption, allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life. Plus, those mats can be simply dissembled for quick storage, so you can freely combine pieces of cushions, which can cover 24, 48 and 96 square feet, safeguarding your floor from scratches, scuffs that occur from gym equipment,weights, jumps, and also protect the floor for the cushion for various workouts.

  • Color: Black
  • Pad Width: 12''
  • Height: 9''- 45'' (14'' When folded)
  • Length: 48.8'' (33.5'' When folded)
  • Product Weight: 37 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 510 lbs
  • Seat Positions: 4 adjustments
  • Back Positions: 5 adjustments from flat to 90 degrees upright
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on the frame, 30 Day Warranty on the upholstery
  • Each Width: 24"
  • Each Length: 24"
  • Thickness: 0.5" OR 0.8"
  • Covers: 4 Square Feet/ Tile 
  • Each pack has six pieces with 12 end borders