RitFit Wrist and Ankle Weights Set (1 Pair)

Color :
Red - 1 lbs Pair
Purple - 1.5 lbs Pair
Green - 2 lbs Pair
Blue - 3 lbs Pair
Grey - 4 lbs Pair
Black - 5 lbs Pair
Apple Green-1.5lbs Pair
Blue New-3lbs Pair
Gray New-4lbs Pair
Pink-1lbs Pair
Orange-2lbs Pair
Black New-5lbs Pair

RitFit wrist and ankle weights set is used to improve muscle rehabilitation, burn fat, and tone body muscles, perfect for lower body exercise. This wrist and ankle weights set is Widely applicable in home workouts, walking, jogging, core training, cross-training, aerobics, gym, and many other fitness workouts. 



  • Soft padded neoprene material and reinforced stitching allow the weights to be used for years
  • Strong Velcro band ensures a comfortable and customized fit for your ankles


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