RitFit Color Bumper Plates Olympic 2-Inch Rubber

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Size :
  • Durable & safe: These bumper plates are made with a weighted steel center and a thick, solid rubber coating. They have undergone durability testing and can withstand over 12,000 drops from a height.
  • Versatile compatibility: These bumper plates have 2-inch sleeves, making them compatible with any Olympic barbell, or dumbbell bar with a 2" diameter.
  • Consistent diameter: Each plate has a uniform diameter of 17.7", making it easy to load and unload onto the barbell.

  • Silent & smooth: Weight plates minimize noise and vibration, ensuring peaceful workouts without disturbing others.

  • Secure grip: Rubber-coated weight plates have a non-slip design for better control and reduced risk of accidents.

  • Color-coded convenience: Vibrant colors on weight plates aid quick identification and differentiation, enhancing training efficiency and organization.

  • Versatile weight range: Offers multiple options to suit diverse training needs and abilities, allowing customization for personal goals.


    Bumper Plates Set:

  • 100 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB
  • 140 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB
  • 170 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB
  • 210 LB SET - 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB
  • 260 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB
  • 320 LB SET - 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB, 2X55LB
  • 370 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB, 2X55LB
  • 420 LB SET - 4X25LB, 4X35LB, 4X45LB


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