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The RitFit Puzzle Fitness Mat, 6 tiles are included in a pack, and each measured 24" squares, can be connected together in dozens of variations to cover and protect home gym floors, with non-slip design and material preventing you from unnecessary injuries during workouts.


This RitFit Mat provides maximum shock absorption, allowing mats to maintain performance throughout their life. Plus, those mats can be simply dissembled for quick storage, so you can freely combine pieces of cushions, which can cover up to 144 square feet, safeguarding your floor from scratches, scuffs that occur from gym equipment, weights, jumps, and also protect the floor for the cushion for various workouts.


The use of fitness mat has the following special advantages: if the mat is accidentally damaged during long-term use, it does not affect the use of the entire mat at all. You only need to replace other mats in the suit; this fitness mat can not only provide The sports ground enhances the breadth of sports, improves your sports effect and charm, and also has functions such as moisture resistance, sweat absorption, and sterilization.



  • Each Width: 24"
  • Each Length: 24"
  • Thick: 0.5" / 0.8"
  • Covers: 24, 48, or 144 SQ. FT
  • Pack of Six Pieces with 12 End Borders