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    RitFit Hex Neoprene Dumbbells 10,12,15, 20lbs Pair

    $49.99 $60.99
      Be a better self from exercising at home! RitFit neoprene coated dumbbell is made from cast iron and is chemical smell free. Color-coded with printed weight numbers on the end caps for easy identification. With the anti-slip protective coating, the weights will not roll away when placed on the ground due to the hexagon shape of the top and bottom; meanwhile prevent your floors from scratching or damaging, whilst eliminating noise when dropped. The ergonomic handles offer a comfortable grip for all your dumbbell exercises.
      RitFit Neoprene Dumbbells are ideal to sculpt your arms, shoulders, and back, build stamina and speed up the metabolic rate as well. It's perfect for overall health, weight loss, aerobics, pilates, yoga, HIIT, and strength building. *Please note dumbbells are sold in pairs.


    • Weight Range: 10-20lbs 
    • Design: Hexagon-shaped on top and bottom, easy for storage, avoid of rolling away

      Download RitFit Dumbbell Workout Poster [PDF]


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 35 reviews
        Ashley (San Jose, US)

        This set of 12's from RitFit fits the bill perfectly as my new set of heavy weights! Love the color and love that I can use them and maintain good form, depending on the workout in my collection that utilizes them!

        Thanks for choosing us! I'm glad we could fulfill your fitness needs :)

        Ann Marie Juba (Arvada, US)
        does it have to say WEIGHTS FOR WOMEN AND BEGINNER

        Can't it just say weights, why does it matter if you're a woman or beginner? I'm a woman but not a beginner. I just want 20lb weights with a non slip grip. Come on people, its 2021. Ok, that being said, these are great. Thanks for the vent.

        Wow, awesome! And we can't wait to see photos of this gear in action :D Thank you, Ann !

        Robert Brown (Jacksonville Beach, US)

        It was a gft!

        Thank you, Robert- enjoy the Dumbbells:)

        David Herman (Livermore, US)
        safe and accessible

        I keep one neoprene dumbbell in the bathroom as a doorstop. When I close the door, it's sitting right there on the floor – why not lift it for a few minutes while brushing my teeth?

        Sounds great! Small steps add up to big results!

        Alex Anthony (Seattle, US)
        Exactly What I Hoped For

        I bought the ten pound dumbbell set and it is exactly what I was hoping for. The neoprene is comfortable and grips well, plus they look great. I was really excited about the free shipping, and they arrived in a timely manner. If I wanted to expand my set further, I would definitely buy from this collection.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 4 reviews Write a review


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