RitFit Q1 Electric Massager Muscle Massage Gun

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With well-constructed features, an on-fleek design, and a non-compromising powerful motor, RitFit Q1 Electric Massager/Muscle Massage Gun only brings you professional hand-handheld massaging experiences. Low noise, comfortable grip plus long battery life, this pinpoint therapy massage gun makes quality massages never so accessible. Use Q1 to get instant relief on the tight muscles, soreness, and knots, get that blood circulating, and loosen up!


Key Features:

Powerful Motor Produces Efficacious Blows
A great electric muscle massage gun must deliver efficacious blows to your troubled muscle groups--we bear this in mind when we manufactured our product. RitFit Q1 Muscle Massage Gun adopts a 55mm diameter Professional-Gradel Powerful Brushless motor, producing consistent 6mm amplitude blows to your muscles. Q1 also exhibits an impressive stall force, with which you can always press the muscle massage gun harder so the blows penetrate through your deeper muscles, effectively draw blood circulation, dissipate lactic acid, and resolve painful knots.

Customizable Speed Range Displayed on Touch Screen
RitFit Q1 Muscle Massage Gun presents five vibration speeds, moderately intensify from one level to the next. Displayed through a power-efficient and vision-friendly HD LCD Touch Screen, you can precisely adjust the speed to match your body condition. Explore your best speed and switch from a gentle muscle warm-up to deep muscle relaxation and everything in between.

6 Functionally Designed Massage Heads
In a pack, you also get six functionally designed massage heads: the Large Ball, the Small Ball, the Bullet, the Hammer, the Cylinder, and the Fork. Each shape results from an ergonomic consideration that aims to provide precise and safe massage around delicate parts such as the joints and spine. Replacement of the heads only requires a pull and a push. Then feel free to clean the massage heads with an alcohol pad wipe, and Q1 Muscle Massage Gun is ready to offer you another sanitary massaging experience.

Other Ergonomic Details to Better Your Experience
The battery life lasts for 4-5 hours for every full charge--that means a week of head-to-toe massages to pamper yourself with before the next recharge! 1.7 lbs self-weight and compact dimensions of Q1 favors one-hand massage and easy transportation. The built-in noise reduction design creates noise so mite that no one will be disturbed even when using it next to ears or someone else.


  • Amplitude: 6mm
  • Muscle Massage Gun Weight: 1.7 lbs
  • Battery Life: 4-5 hrs
  • Speed: 2800-4300 rpm
  • Dimension: 11.82''x9.53''x3.31''


RitFit Q1 Electric Massager Muscle Massage Gun
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