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    RitFit Safety Squat Bar, Yoke Bar with Shoulder and Arm Pads

    $259.99 $289.99

    The use of the safety squat bar, a.k.a. Yoke bar, has grown in popularity over the last few years, mainly from the inclusion of split squats and hand-supported exercises. Using a safety squat bar is known to increase your maximum working weight when compared to the traditional back squat. Benefits like torso positioning and the comfort of the padding make the bar an attractive option.

    RitFit Safety Squat Bar is suitable for standard 50MM Olympic weight plates and discs. Constructed with heavy-duty solid steel, its maximum weight capacity is 700lbs. Coated with foam pad of 1'' thickness, it gives a safe but also comfortable support on the shoulder. This bar is a safer option for intense squat progressions or maximum load lifts. It helps to maintain correct forms and techniques during squat workouts. Plus, it reduces strain and alleviates pressure on shoulders and wrists. You can increase your motion range and load up your posterior chain without risking injury to your shoulders using our Safety Squat Bar. 


    • Weight: 43.5lbs
    • Weight Capacity: 700lbs
    • Full Length: 7.3ft (87'')
    • Shaft Length: 59.2''
    • Camber Angle: 41.4°
    • Handle Diameter: 30MM (1.18'')
    • Foam Thickness: 1''
    • Sleeve Diameter: 50MM (1.97'')
    • Sleeve Length: 13.9''
    • Shaft Diameter: 30MM (1.18'')

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Trainer PROC (Otis Orchards, US)
    Happy with this bar

    Me and my clients have loved this bar! There were a few that didn’t like it because of how wide the side pads are. They chose not to use it. For me and most my clients it was a game changer vs a normal barbell. Quality also good, we maxed out with 45’s to the end and could fit 6X45lbs per side max load with lock on.

    Chris Vassar (Albany, US)
    Safety squat bar

    This thing works amazing. It takes the pressure off my shoulders and I feel my squat form is actually better with my hands in front of me.

    Thank you Chris! Enjoy your workout and have a nice day!

    Jeff Oalmann (Hohenwald, US)

    RitFit Safety Squat Bar, Yoke Bar with Shoulder and Arm Pads

    Devon Kennedy (Phoenix, US)
    Safety Squat Bar

    It makes me feel more stable, I’m glad I purchased it after some hesitation.

    Nice, Devon ! Thanks for sharing your experience :D

    Paul Rogers (Humble, US)
    Nice bar

    Happy with the purchase. Was delivered quickly and no damage. I have a shoulder injury so I can't do barbell squats. This makes it possible. The padding is thick and comfortable. Would recommend it.

    Happy lifting and thanks for shopping with RitFit!