Weighted Workout Bar Set Aerobic Exercise Body Bar 5-25LB

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The versatile RitFit Weighted Workout Bar can be used in a variety of exercises including Pilates, aerobic training, yoga, strength training, etc. Exercising with the RitFit Weighted Workout Bar helps tone arms and legs, sculpt and strengthen the core, build body mass and muscle definition. The weighted workout bar is also ideal to improve balance, alignment and flexibility.


  • Solid Steel Core

The core of our high-quality weighted workout bar is made of heavy-duty steel. The sturdy construction will not bend or break after repeated use. It guarantees toughness, durability and stability.

  • Padded For Safety & Comfort

The weighted workout bar is constructed of high-density and breathable padded foam rubber surface to increase comfort in use. When your hands get sweaty, the rubber padding reduces slippage, meaning you can lift the bar without worrying about dropping. The soft black foam rubber exterior also prevents scratches to floors.

  • Colored End Cap for Easy Identification

Each weighted workout bar is marked by colored end caps to depict its weight. You will know what weight it is with quick glance. The caps have specially designed square shapes, they prevent rolling and provide more accessible storage. The caps add a punch of excitement to your workouts.

  • No Assembly Required

Our weighted workout bar requires no setup, easy transport, and simple storage. It is perfect to work out with at any time, anywhere, by anyone. The weighted workout bar is ready to go and will have you sweaty in seconds. Just pick it up and put it down over and over again until you feel the burn!


  • Product: RitFit Weighted Workout Bar Set Aerobic Exercise Body Bar
  • Overall Length: 46''
  • Overall Diameter: 1.5''(5LB-15LB) 2.1''(20LB-25LB)
  • Material: Foam-padded steel
  • Color: Black with Color-Coded End Cap
  • Available Weights: 5,8,10,12,15,20&25LB

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