How to Do Dips Workout


Why is Dips Workout Popular?

Dips workout is the King of upper body training. Considered by many as a tricep exercise, dips workout is a complex, compound movement that engages virtually all of the muscle groups of your upper body.


How to Do Dips Workout?

Basic Dips Workout - To perform a basic dips workout, center yourself between the dip stand bars and place one hand on each bar with your palms facing down and inward. Lift your body above the bars by straightening your arms and holding your body up above the bars. Keep your arms straight as you flatten your back slowly lower your body as far as you can and then push back to the straight arm start position.

1. Grab the dip bars of the dip stand and push yourself up to the start position. You can cross your feet behind you, but your knees should be bent and your arms fully extended.

2. Slowly and under total control, lower your entire body until your triceps are parallel with the floor. Allow your elbows to go wide if needed. Your body should be tilted forward at around 45 degrees, and you should feel a stretch in your chest that extends all the way across from shoulder to shoulder at the lowest point of your dips workout.

RitFit How to Do Dips Workout

3. Continue to lean forward as you push yourself back up to the start position. You should stop short of locking out at the top - stop just before your elbows lockout.

RitFit How to Do Dips Workout

4. As you train, you will feel the range of motion that works your triceps versus your chest. Stop just before your triceps engage until your chest is fatigued and then train triceps. Your triceps will fail before your chest and will prevent you from getting the full training effect.

Muscles worked include your Pectoralis Major, Pectoralis Minor, Anterior Deltoids, Triceps Brachii, Rhomboids, Levator Scapulae, Latissimus Dorsi, and Teres Major.


Dip Bars

You can perform dips workout at the gym on elaborate dip stations, or at home on your own simple to assemble dip stand.


Why Dips Work

They’re simple, require only your body weight and the bars as support and work your triceps and chest simultaneously. By varying the angle of the bars OR the angle of your body you can focus more on your triceps (for toning or building arm muscle) or specific muscles across your pectorals, or chest muscles. If you have access to a dip station or dip bars and a chin-up/pull-up bar, you have everything you need to train and tone your upper body!

When you’re ready to add dips workout to your training program, check out the RitFit® Dip Stand Station With Suspension Straps. It’s easy to assemble, light and portable. And perfect for chest and tricep dips workout, knee raises and bodyweight rows, and more than 20 additional exercises with bodyweight resistance trainer.

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