Working out has many benefits, not only it helps you sculpt your body, promotes your sleep quality, improves your energy level and even encourages healthy decision-making such as smoking and drinking less.

When you are at home 24/7, it’s easy to start stress eating and pile up on weights during the pandemic. With gyms closed, it is even harder to maintain a healthy weight and keep up the good health during the pandemic. 



RitFit understands one of the major obstacles to staying fit is not motivation — it’s convenience.  And we want to be as supportive as we can during this difficult time. Designing a home gym does not necessarily have to be expensive! RitFit is to enable you to purchase the most effective and necessary equipment for a gym of your own!

With a home gym, there comes many perks. You have the freedom to workout in whatever you’re comfortable with or decided on when or how long your workout sessions need to be.  



RitFit is also teaming up with app Fitbanx to provide you with a trainer on demand, you can have excellent trainers at the tap of a button, with a selection of workouts you are interested in. We aim to use our business as a force for good to help the world. RitFit equipment is all emcompassing and versatile, and provide a variety of equipment from gym to home and anywhere in between at an affordable price.

No matter the scale of your home gym, chances are you can save a substantial amount by home gymming and still reap the health benefits of working out. It’s almost liteberating! 


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