• Are Knee Braces Helpful to Prevent or Treat Injuries?

    What are knee braces? Knee braces are supports that you wear for a painful or injured knee. Some people use them to prevent knee injuries during sports. Braces are made from combinations of metal, foam, plastic, elastic material and straps. They come in many sizes, colors and designs. What kinds of Knee Braces are there? What do they do? There are four main kinds...
  • Lock It or You May Drop It with Barbell Collar

    We have taken a look at a variety of elements that go into Olympic Weightlifting. As you continue to read, you may see that the financial investment into the sport is beginning to add up. With your wallet in mind, you may think that it is okay to skimp out on certain things that may seem unimportant to you. Many people think that barbell...
  • The Advantages of Knee Sleeves: What They Are and When to Wear Them

    Knee injuries are a major problem in sports and sports medicine around the world. All too often we see Blown ACLs, PCLs, MCLs, or torn cartilage in a variety of athletes. The use of prophylactic (protective or preventive) knee braces is an attempt to reduce the occurrence or severity of injuries to the knee joint ligaments without inhibiting overall knee mobility.There are four categories of...
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