Knee wraps - how to use them effectively

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Knee wraps are supposed to be a powerlifter's best friend. It aids you in doing squats, cleans, and jerks but most importantly, it prevents serious injuries during your workout. Though having knee wraps have a lot of benefits, using them the wrong way is not just counterproductive, but dangerous as well. Ritfit Sports Weightlifting Knee Wraps contain the characteristics that knee wraps should have. First, it is 72" long, allowing you to wrap your knee multiple times. It also uses Elasticized Compression Technology that allows you to choose the kind of compression that your knee requires. knee wraps

The right way to use knee wraps

Though using this equipment may seem quite easy for anyone, there is a proper way to do it so you can benefit from it extensively. When wrapping your knees, you have to take note of three key things: 1. Compression - You should wrap your knees in a way that is fit for the kind of exercise you are doing. If you are doing weightlifting for competition, a tighter wrap is ideal. If you are doing training, it will help more if you wrap your knees more lose to let more blood flow. Remember that knee wraps are supposed to aid your muscles and not limit them from developing. Also, wrapping your knees too tightly can bring out the possibility of constricting your movement. Make sure that the tightness of your knee wrap is suitable for the kind of exercise that you are doing. 2. Length of stretch The good thing about this product is that it is sturdy yet stretchy enough to give proper support. The longer you stretch your wrap, the tighter it will be on your knees. The length of 72" is adequate enough to give you the right amount of stretch from your wrap. Remember that when you stretch your knee wraps, the amount of support it provides also lessens. 3. Cover your knees vertically, diagonally and horizontally The good thing about knee wraps is that its elasticity allows it to move with you. Our knees don't move in just one direction even if it seems like it does. There are different ways to wrap your knees but always remember to wrap it vertically, diagonally and horizontally to cover all kinds of movement that you do with your knees. This way, you are sure that your knees are protected during each exercise that you perform. Make sure that you are equipped with the correct kind of knee wraps for your fitness needs. Get your own pair of knee wraps and other weightlifting accessories today at RitFit Sports.

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