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Weightlifting Straps: Do You Need Them?

by RitFit Sports 07 Feb 2018 0 Comments

Weightlifting straps are used to help handle the amount of weight being lifted. They attach to the weight and wrap around the wrists/hands to improve grip. This reduces the chance of the weight slipping out of your hands while creating an overall more comfortable workout experience. Sounds helpful, right? Now the question is, do you need them? Let’s discuss.

What Lifts Do You Do?

Weightlifting straps are particularly helpful when performing exercises like deadlifts, shrugs, rows and any others where you’re working against gravity or resistance is pulling away from you. They are suited for those fairly new to lifting as well as individuals aiming to considerably increase muscle size and strength in the arms and upper back. Here are the details of Ritfit weightlifting strap.

How’s Your Grip?

Grip can hinder progress. Although muscles may have the strength, sometimes your natural grip won’t allow it. If you find yourself struggling to perform lifts in later sets due to hand fatigue or find heavier sets a challenge, use the straps. The thing is, you don’t want to get into the habit of using them all the time. Instead, have them in your gym bag and use as needed. You don’t want to prevent your grip strength from improving.

How to Use Them ?

 Start by threading the ends of the straps through the loops if using loop straps. Then, slide your hands through the circles created by threading the ends through the loops so the ends hang down towards the ground. Once on the wrists, pull the ends so they fit snugly. Now, wrap the end of each strap around the bar(s) holding the weight. You want to go under and around rather than over. From there, place hands over the straps and lift the weight.

What to Avoid ?

As for what to avoid when using weightlifting straps, number one is do not rely heavily on the straps. Doing this increases the chance of a wrist injury. The straps are intended to offer additional support, not bear the weight of the lift. You still want to grip the weight as you would if you weren’t using the straps. Secondly, never use lifting straps for exercises like bench presses. Your fellow gym goers will judge you because the straps serve absolutely no purpose when performing such exercises.

Overall, weightlifting straps are useful training accessories. If you need them, use them. Just don’t use them as a crutch. With regular training, your grip will improve.

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