RitFit Flat Bench Press Station

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Rubber Weights :


  • Brand: RitFit Flat Bench Press Station | At Home Bench Press Set
  • Dimensions: 63''x77''x63'' (LxDxH)
  • Footprint: 33.6 sq ft
  • Weight: 121 lbs
  • Max Load Capacity: 1100 Lbs
  • 30LBS SET INCLUDES: 5lbs black rubber plates X2, 10lbs black rubber plates X2, 7ft 20kg 500lbs Men's Bar X1
  • 70LBS SET INCLUDES: 10lbs black rubber plates X2, 25lbs black rubber plates X2, 7ft 20kg 500lbs Men's Bar X1
  • 100LBS SET INCLUDES: 5lbs black rubber plates X2, 10lbs black rubber plates X2, 35lbs black rubber plates X2, 7ft 20kg 500lbs Men's Bar X1


Wobble-Free, Highly Safe Steel Frame Displays Visible Quality

The barbell racks, made of 8 mm steel plates, forged one-piece with the remaining steel supports, serve as a safe rest for you, when exhausted, to drop the bar. This flat bench press station induces zero wobbles throughout your workouts so as to keep you 100% stable on the bench. 

Comfortable and Cushioning Bench Supports the Most Intense Press

The seat pad directly determines the comfort level of your experience. Therefore, we manufactured our sitting pad with premium-quality PU leather, which is grippy but gentle on your skin regardless of your position, and scratch-resistant for sure. Inside, we nailed a wooden plank topped with dense foam to give that sturdy but cushioning support every time your body presses against the bench. 

Huge Load Capacity Designed for Those Who Keeps Pushing Limits

RitFit Flat Bench Press Station can load up to 1100 lbs. Different parts of the Flat Weight Bench can individually support different weights: 1100 lbs for the barbell racks, 880 lbs for the plate holders, and 660lbs for the bench. 

Ample Bar/Plates Storage Permits an Easy Fetch

You may store your most frequented bars and plates on this flat bench press station as we have mounted four Plate Holders and two Barbell Racks on this equipment, so everything you need for a brilliant bench press is within reach.

Safely Capped Corners Act Gentle on the Floor and You

We carefully capped the barbell rack and the feet of this Flat Weight Bench with engineering plastic covers, given that high-grade plastic material effectively minimizes abrasion, noise, and impact during contact with other objects. With such protective caps, this flat bench press station touches your floor gently, does not make any clanging noise, and is void of sharpness that may hurt your flesh. 



If you have ever dreamt of well-developed pecs, you cannot miss RitFit Flat Bench Press Station. We manufacture RitFit Flat Bench Press Station using high-grade commercial steel to make this product as robust as a tank. The steel frames are extremely enduring and display perfect stability. While you always strive to push through that extreme load when performing a bench press, the RitFit Flat Bench Press Station has a max load way larger than what you may encounter. This flat bench press station with racks and plates storage is built like an unwavering tank with a polished matte-black outer coat. This flat bench press station will do the job for your pecs and serves as a gym decor that displays your fine taste. Touch it, and you should feel the quality; mount on it, and you should be able to envision that dreamed body.

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