BLP01 2-In-1 Leg Press and Hack Squat Machine

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Plates :

The Leg Press Machine will be shipped within 35 days.

The whole machine will arrive in 3 boxes.


Package 150LB Set Rubber 230LB Set Rubber 340LB Set Rubber
Machine BLP01 BLP01 BLP01
Plates 150LB Rubber Plates 230LB Rubber Plates 340LB Rubber Plates
150LB Set - 2X15LBS, 2x25LBS, 2X35LBS 230LB Set - 2X10LBS, 2x25LBS, 2x35LBS, 2X45LBS 340LB Set - 4X10LBS, 4x15LBS, 4X25LBS, 4X35LBS



Stability & Versatile Workout】This two-in-one leg press and hack squat machine with linear bearings, sturdy steel construction, and rear weight plate storage for enhanced stability. Targets lower body strength with adjustable footplate for focusing on specific muscle groups: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

【Comfort & Smooth Exercise Experience】This leg press and hack squat machine with thick anti-slip cushioning for comfort and protection. Solid metal guide rods and aluminium alloy grips ensure smooth and jerk-free workouts.

【Safety & Considerate Design】2'' plate compatible, 1200LB Maximum Static Load Capacity. Beginner-friendly, single-leg option. Diamond-plated footplate for grip. Cushioned sled for reduced impact and noise. Triangular back support for stability. 20.3 sqft compact design for home gyms, garages, bedrooms, etc.

【Multiple Adjustments & Ergonomic Design】Versatile design with adjustable angles for hack squat and leg press. Easy-to-use side rail handles for unlocking and locking the sled. Quick transition between exercises. Ergonomic design for effective and rewarding workouts.


Efficient dual barbell plate storage, coupled with a stable floor structure for enhanced safety and convenience. 

The hack squat footboard offers 5 adjustable angles, allowing you to customize it to your body shape and ensuring ergonomic alignment.

Premium comfort: Wider, thicker cushion with durable leather, providing superior support and protection for shoulders and lower back (5cm+/2in+ thickness).

The leg press machine footboard provides 3 adjustable angles, allowing you to customize it to your body shape for optimal ergonomic alignment.

Robust stability: Solid guide rod for strong load-bearing capacity paired with a cushioning pad design to minimize impact, ensuring a safer and quieter workout experience

Steel foot pedals with anti-slip patterns for increased friction and enhanced safety.


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