RitFit Olympic Barbell Collars 2"

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Barbell Collars / Weight Clips / Bar Clamps are necessary when you do heavy weightlifting. The barbell collars can keep the weight plates from slipping off the barbell sleeve, so they provide an important safety feature when training. They help keep heavyweight plates locked in place and don’t move away throughout your intense workouts! Whether you’re Olympic lifting or doing the workout of the day, barbell collars are a necessary and important component of barbell strength training.

  • Durable Material

The barbell collars are manufactured from high-strength plastic and solid nylon after casting and high-pressure processing. The durable cast body and soft elastomer grip pads make the collar virtually indestructible!

  • Secure and Non-slip

The Olympic barbell weight clips are 10 times stronger grip than spring collars (ABS Locking). The barbell collars secure the plates tightly onto the bars, and the rubber pads maximize safety to ensure weight plates don’t slide off. By preventing the plates from wobbling while you are exercising at the same time, the bar clamps ensure the weight load remains evenly split, and help you get the correct posture and better bar stability.

  • Easy to Install

With a spring-powered snap-latch design, Ritfit Olympic Barbell Collars can be one-hand installed. You can gently lift the lock latch & press down on the latch to secure the collar in a second. You can quickly lock and release the barbell clamps effortlessly.

  • Perfect For Bodybuilding & Powerlifting

RitFit Olympic Barbell Collars can fasten to all standard Olympic bars with 2'' (50MM) sleeves. They are compatible with standard traditional Olympic weight bars, and suitable for cast plates, cast grip plates and rubber grip plates. The Olympic weight clamps are perfect for strength training, powerlifting, CrossFit training, Olympic Lifts, and overhead press.


    • Product: RitFit Olympic Barbell Collars 2" Clamps Weight Clips for Bars
    • Size: 2'' diameter
    • Material: Nylon
    • Color: Pink, Yellow, Red, Gray, Blue, Green, Black
    • Suitable for all RitFit training bars


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