ToughFit 3 in 1 Soft Foam Plyo Jump Box
OVERVIEW Rapid Performance Improvement: Plyometrics enhance endurance, power, explosiveness, and speed. Jumping on our boxes builds strength and efficient force generation, resulting in powerful movements. Versatile & Adjustable Design: Choose from two sizes for personalized training. Rotate the box for...
ToughFit PU Coated Kettlebell Sets
OVERVIEW Durable Cast Steel- The ToughFit PU Kettlebell is made from solid cast steel, offering superior durability compared to cast iron.Tough PU Coating- With a resilient PU surface, the kettlebell resists corrosion and cracking.Comfortable Handle- Its chrome-plated handle provides a...
from $65.99
ToughFit 3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack TWR-1000
OVERVIEW Sturdy Steel Structure- Commercial-grade steel ensures stability and a robust frame that can handle loads up to 1000 lbs, making it suitable for long-term heavy use.Resilient Powder-Coat Finish- Our dumbbell rack features a scratch-resistant powder coating that enhances its durability.Enhanced Safety- Rubber...
from $439.99
RitFit Wall Mouted Multifunctional Dip Hack Squat Rack
Wall Mounted Requirements: All products in the Wallmounts series must be installed on solid loading-bearing walls, such as cement walls, concrete brick walls, tiled walls, etc. Another option is to first install them into an appropriate-sized plywood panel and then...
$429.99 from $289.99
RitFit Galvanized Iron Weightlifting Chains
OVERVIEW Weightlifting Chains for progressive resistance are one of the best choices for fitness enthusiasts who try to bust through sticky plateaus. By using weightlifting chains, you can adjust the leader chain length to create accommodating resistance. This helps not only...
$399.99 $289.99
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ToughFit T2 Power Cage with Lat Pulldown System
Premium Construction: Made of high-quality Q235 carbon steel with sturdy welded pipes, environmentally friendly powder coating for durability. Updated Design: Upgraded double pulley system, customizable with DIY climbing blocks, T-bar handle, and convenient quick-install features. Excellent Load-Bearing: Maximum 1000 lbs...
$999.99 $799.99
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RitFit J-HOOKS Rack Attachments, Pair
FIT MOST 2-INCH X 2-INCH POWER RACKS (BUT NOT ALL – PLEASE CHECK YOUR RACK DIMENSIONS BEFORE PURCHASING TO AVOID ANY UNWANTED RETURN): RitFit 2x2" Power Rack J-Hooks are designed to be compatible with 2-in x 2-in power racks with...
$69.99 $43.99
RitFit Spotter Arms Power Cage Attachments, Squat Rack Safety Bars, Pair
BUILT STURDY: Constructed of high-quality steel tubing and welded to a three-sided panel, these safety catchers provide security and clutch effectively when your barbell is dropped. Its pin diameter is 1’’ fitting on 2.36’’ x 2.36’’ tubular uprights. HEAVY-LOADING: With...
$89.99 $65.99

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