ToughFit Black Olympic Weight Plates Bumper Plates Set

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ToughFit Bumper Plates


Durable and Low-Bounce- ToughFit bumper plates offer high durability due to their thick rubber coating and solid steel hubs. They provide a snug fit on the bar and minimal bounce when dropped.

Embossed for Longevity- Weights are embossed for durability and easy identification.

IWF Standard Size- These plates meet IWF standards with a consistent 450mm diameter and fit any standard Olympic Barbell. The weight is determined by thickness.

Safe and Durable- Designed to withstand being dropped from overhead, these plates prevent damage to the floor or equipment.

Highly Versatile- Pair these plates with ToughFit barbells for a wide range of exercises. Ideal for home gyms, CrossFit boxes, and school weight rooms. Challenge yourself and surpass your personal records with ToughFit Black Bumper Plates.



  • Color: Black
  • Material: Rubber with steel insert
  • Weight: 10-55 lbs each
  • Insert Diameter: 2 inches
  • Overall Diameter: 17.5 inches
  • Plate Sets:

 100LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X25LBS
 120LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X35LBS
 160LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X45LBS
 260LB SET - 2X10LBS, 2X15LBS, 2X25LBS, 2X35LBS, 2X45LBS

ToughFit Bumper Plates


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