RitFit 3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack for Home Gym

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Choose our high-quality 3-tier small dumbbell weight rack for home gym. It's perfect for holding & keeping your dumbbell sets organized. Made of heavy gauge steel, the dumbbell weight rack has the strength to safely hold your dumbbell weights. Make it easy to quickly locate and access the dumbbells you need with a premium dumbbell weight rack from this line.

Standing at the corner of your home gym, this small 3-tier dumbbell weight rack only takes about 5 square feet but can accommodate dumbbells of various sizes from 5-45lbs, and arrange these free weights in perfect order.

Whether you're a fitness fanatic who spends hours pumping iron in your home gym, a health club owner who needs some new gear, or just need a small weight rack to keep your dumbbell in order, you'll find it here. 


  • 3-Tier Design With Adjustable Width

RitFit 3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack can accommodate dumbbells of 5-45 . This weight rack for the home gym is also designed with an adjustable rail distance from 4.5” to 7.5” for smaller free weights or shorter handles.

  • Safe and Durable

The 3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack, made of heavy gauge steel, with a sturdy frame, can withstand a maximum load of up to 660 lbs while resisting damage caused by long-term use. The appealing powder coating resists rust and ensures durability. Rubber end caps prevent dangerous shifting and sliding while also protecting the floor. 

  • Space-Saving Design

Featuring a 3-tier storage space, the dumbbell weight rack only takes about 5 square feet, thus saving space for your home gym and meanwhile keeping it neat and tidy.

  • Easy Access to Dumbbells

The heavy-duty dumbbell weight rack has an ergonomically designed structure, with a slightly angled design, allowing easy identification and accessibility of the dumbbell you need for a specific workout.


  • Product: RitFit Small Adjustable 3-Tier Dumbbell Weight Rack for Home Gym
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 660 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 37.4 x 19.7 x 35.8 inches
  • Rail Length: 33.6 inches
  • Adjustable Distance Between Rails: 4.5-7.5 inches
  • Distance Between Tiers: 11.02 inches
  • Note: Dumbbells NOT Included


Package Include

1. Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set 450 lbs (2 x 5 lbs, 2 x 10 lbs, 2 x 15 lbs, 2 x 20 lbs, 2 x 25 lbs, 2 x 30 lbs, 2 x 35 lbs, 2 x 40 lbs, 2 x 45 lbs).

2. 3-Tier Solid Steel Dumbbell Rack.

We cannot guarantee that our dumbbell weight rack will be compatible with the dumbbells of other brands. Remember to measure your equipment if you do not have RitFit Hex Rubber dumbbells.


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