RitFit Magnetic Gym Timer 10 Modes



Portable and Lightweight

RitFit Gym Timer is a portable and durable timer, weighing around 0.37LB. Due to its mini size of 5.9’’ x 0.9’’ x 2’’, it can easily fit in your pocket and workout bag. Work out anytime and anywhere with this cute “supervisor”.

Magnetic Design

The timer features a magnetic spine. Magnets are built into the back of the product, so you can attach the timer to the power cage while you are working out.

10 Workout Modes

According to your workout plan, there are 10 workout modes available.

  1.  Clock Display
  2.  Count Up (100 minutes)
  3.  Count Down (20 minutes)
  4.  Stopwatch (100 minutes)
  5.  FGB Mode (5-minute workout, 1-minute rest, 3 rounds)
  6.  TABATA Mode (20-second workout, 10-second rest, 8 rounds)
  7.  HIIT Mode (60-second workout, 20-second rest, 6 rounds)
  8.  MIIT Mode (30-second workout, 30-second rest, 10 rounds)
  9.  EMOM Mode (60-second workout, 0-second rest, 20 rounds)
  10.  PIT Mode (Multiple sets of training timings for different time periods)

* All mode parameters can be re-edited except for the clock display mode.

Large Battery Capacity

The large capacity battery can last up to 30 hours in workout mode, while 3 months in idle mode. The timer features a battery indicator on the LED screen. Whenever you notice the timer is running out of power, you may use a TYPE-C USB for charging.

Clear Sound While Mute Mode Available

The timer is clearly pronounced, and the sound can reach 95 decibels. But if you want to enjoy a quiet workout time, you can turn to silent mode. Easily switch between the two modes.


Material ABS
Product Size 5.9'' x 0.9'' x 2'' (L x W x H)
Product Weight 0.37LB (=170g)
Battery Capacity 1800mAh
Charging Voltage 5V
Charging Current <1A
Duration of Use 30 hours
Standby Duration(idle mode) 3 months
Rechargeable Yes (TYPE-C)
Package 1 x timer, 1 x charging cable, 1 x storage bag


RitFit Magnetic Gym Timer 10 Modes
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