RitFit Bumper Plates Olympic Rubber Weight Plates, 2-inch

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  • Superior Craftsmanship

RitFit rubber weight plates feature a cutting-edge design to handle the toughest training environments. Only quality materials are used in the making of RitFit rubber weight plates including iron and rubber. All rubber weight plates have the same diameter with different thicknesses and have an Integrated metal sleeve. The stainless-steel hub ensures that the bumper plate fits smoothly and snugly on and off the bar. Steel 2'' inserts molded into the rubber weight plates increase durability versus regular brass inserts. With the incredible durability of these rubber weight plates, you'll wear out long before they do! 

  • Thick Coat and Low Bounce

Due to the extremely thick rubber coating, these rubber weight plates are highly resistant to bending and low bounce. The high durometer rubber compound used to cover these bumper plates provides a high level of strength and durability, while the solid cast iron core provides you with an actual weight that you can rely upon. The rubber weight plates are slip-resistant and grip-friendly. They look and feel great, and easily differentiate between weights with UV print color lettering.

  • Complete Rubber Weight Plate Sets

We also offer complete rubber weight plate sets(100LB-370LB),  to get you started with everything you need right out of the gate. We pride ourselves in anticipating the needs of our customers and with so many different rubber weight plate sets. You can rest assured that RitFit has you covered!


Rubber Weight Plates / Bumper Plates Set:

  • 100 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB
  • 140 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB
  • 170 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB
  • 210 LB SET - 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB
  • 260 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB
  • 320 LB SET - 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB, 2X55LB
  • 370 LB SET - 2X10LB, 2X15LB, 2X25LB, 2X35LB, 2X45LB, 2X55LB
  • 420 LB SET - 4X25LB, 4X35LB, 4X45LB



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