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    7FT 20KG 500LBS ⌀2'' TOUGHFIT BAR 1.0


    A Game Changer to Your Home Gym
    ToughFit Bar 1.0 is an ideal starter for you to enter the barbell game. Heavy-duty structural integrity, highly antioxidative coating materials, crisp design, precise dimensions--this bar will be your reliable lifting partner for a long time. Flexible spin, comfortable knurling, and great tensile strength allow it to handle some most intensive barbell workouts and feel free to push your extremes with it. With its outstanding quality, ToughFit Bar will be a huge bang for your buck!

    Black E-coat Shaft Makes a Hard Wearing Bar
    The Black E-coat shaft of ToughFit's 500lbs Olympic bar exhibits excellent anti-oxidation ability compared to zinc or chrome coated shaft. E-coat is a material that ends on the upper end of an anti-oxidation rating spectrum, so you may expect the shaft of this bar to withstand repeated wash of palm sweat, the friction of forceful grips, and other external abrasions. The bar will keep its black mat appearance as new for long, and no chips or rusts shall come off of that! 

    Smooth Sleeve Spins For Cross Training
    The 500 lbs bar adapts the hybrid of a bushing and roller bearing for its sleeves. The combination allows the sleeve to rotate more smoothly and longer than bushings alone. High-quality bushings and bearings together for longer lasting and lower maintenance. 

    Dual Marks and Light Knurls for Effective Use
    Dual knurl marks on ToughFit Bar 1.0--one 32 inches apart, and the other 36 inches apart--indicate IWF and IPF specified hand positions.  You may rely on our marks to train with international standards.
    Light knurls are found on the two ends of the shaft. When you’re going for a max clean and jerk, and you want the bar to dig in. Your chest and neck won't hurt due to the passive knurling. The absence of a center knurl is ideal for Olympic weightlifting training as it does not abrase your back. 


    • Brand: ToughFit
    • Load Capacity: 500lbs
    • Length: 86.6''
    • Sleeve Diameter: 2''
    • Shaft Diameter: 1.12''
    • Finishing: Black E-Coat Shaft, Bright Zinc Sleeves
    • Tensile Strength (PSI): 170K
    • Bushing OR Bearing: Hybrid
    • Center Knurl: No
    • Grip Marks: Dual (IPF and IWF)

    Customer Reviews

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    Jeff Neely (Brentwood, US)
    Great bar

    Been using this bar for two weeks now. Deadlifts, OH presses, cleans, bench press. It’s feels great and performs great. They forgot to send the clamps that come with the bar. I emailed them and they responded right away. Promptly sent the clamps out. The best customer service I’ve had in a long long time.

    Thank you Steve! Thanks for your comments and supporting! Have a nice day!