4 Exercises to Help You Improve Balance


Your muscles broadly fit into two categories: stabilizing muscles and movement muscles. As the name suggested, stabilizing muscles stabilize your body while movement muscles move your body.

Stabilizing muscles such as your deep abdominal and back muscles stabilize your spine in very position including standing, kneeling, seated, side-lying, face down or up.  Weak postural muscles cannot support your body and as a result, you might develop chronic pain. By focusing on your core muscles, you’ll stabilize your spine so you can move safely and build strength within your torso muscles, specifically your deep postural muscles.

What Does Balance Training Improve?

  • You’ll strengthen your core muscles

  • You’ll improve your posture. Good posture requires strength.

  • You’ll sharpen your nervous system

  • You’ll fine-tune your sensory system

  • You’ll decrease your changes of injury.

Improving your balance skills is not that hard and you can perform balance and stability training anytime at home with a balance pad. These pads provide an excellent introduction for a beginner to balance training.

Sharing some exercises with you that you can easily do with a balance pad anytime at home. 

One Legged Leg Circle

RitFit Balance Pad

RitFit Balance Pad

Standing on a pad, leading from your hip, circle your leg in a clockwise manner by tapping toes front, side and back. Keep your circles small so that your inner thighs touch one another with every circle. 

Circle your leg 5 to 8 times and then switch to a different leg. 

Other One-Legged Workout 

RitFit Balance Pad

RitFit Balance Pad

In this workout, you’ll work your leg in just about every angle to challenge a variety of muscles while focusing on hip and core stability. As you move in and out of these exercises, your center of gravity will shift from side to side over your foot. This delicate dance—inner to outer foot, outer to inner foot— will continue while you’re trying to keep your balance in check. 

How do you know? You will waver less as your foot makes fewer muscular corrections. 

One legged Front kick

RitFit Palance Pad

Engage your abs from navel to spine. Lift from the top of your head, tuck your chin, and drop your shoulders. Keep your knees active but not hyperextended or locked. 

Calf Raise On A Balance Pad

RitFit Balance Pad

A balance pad is a perfect tool for you to do calf raise, it increases your ankle strength and stability, help you to stabilize the ankle under loads, running, and other expose movement. Make the exercise more fun by adding balance into the mix.


Looking for a balance pad? 



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