• Five Ways To Mobilise With Floss Bands

    Floss  bands are a great multi purpose mobility tool, they can be used to help increase mobility in a region of the body such as; help gain internal rotation of the shoulder, extension of the elbow and knee. It can be used to break up adhesions in connective tissue in regions of chronic overload such as lateral knee/ thigh in ITB friction syndrome or...
  • Ab Roller, Muscle Maker

    Having strong abdominal muscles is an important to your overall health, as weak abdominal muscles are often a major factor in chronic back pain. In addition, your abdominal muscles help you to maintain good posture. However, for many people typical crunches done on the floor can lead to neck, back and shoulder pain. In most cases this is because the abdominal muscles have become...
  • Pull Up Bands:What are they?

    A pull up band is a large rubber band that is tied around the pull up bar, then you place either a foot or a knee in the open “loop” hanging from the bar as you do your pull ups. Because pull ups are a body weight exercise, the more you weigh, the more difficult it is to do. The band will assist you...
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