RitFit Pink Weight Plates Olympic Bumper Plates Weight Plates Fit 2" Barbells

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  • HIGH-DENSITY VIRGIN RUBBER: RITFIT weight plates feature a layer of high-density virgin rubber, providing enhanced handling compared to traditional iron plates. This rubber coating not only significantly reduces noise but also minimizes pressure on the ground. Crafted from 100% virgin rubber material, these plates eliminate any discomfort associated with unpleasant odors, making them the top choice in the fitness realm.

  • EFFICIENT INSTALLATION PROCESS: Differing from standard bumper plates, our Olympic weight plates from RITFIT incorporate stainless steel metal rings in the middle. This innovative design drastically reduces friction between the coating and the barbell, streamlining the disassembly process. Experience reduced effort during setup and dismantling, allowing you to fully enjoy your workout sessions.
  • STANDARD SIZE: RITFIT's bumper replacement plates adhere to the industry-standard 2" diameter, ensuring compatibility with any Olympic barbell or dumbbell bar sharing the same dimensions. Each plate is meticulously labeled with its weight, facilitating easy selection during your workout routine.
  • PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: In adherence to IWF standard size specifications, each weight plate from RITFIT measures 17.7 inches in diameter. The thickness varies based on the weight, making these plates perfect for a range of strength training activities such as weightlifting, crossfit, and more.


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