RitFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Weight Lifting Bar

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RitFit 7ft Olympic Barbell with bearing has a bar shaft diameter of 28mm(1.1 inches), and a length of 2.2meters (7.2 feet). The 7ft Olympic barbell weighs about 20kg (~44 pounds). Needle bearings allow for a smoother, quieter spin and a more reliable turnover at maximum loads. It is perfect for general Olympic lifts and Powerlifting at home or in the gym, with comfortable knurling, composite bushings, and great tensile strength.

Built to the highest standard using high-quality steel materials, RitFit 7ft Olympic barbell is built to be durable for a lifetime of quality weight lifting. The dual-marked 7ft Olympic barbell is intended to be used as a general-purpose bar that is suitable for the Olympic lifts but can also handle the slower, heavier power lifts, perfect for most athletes, providing 500LBS/700LBS/1000LBS Capacity to choose from, for beginners, intermediate, and elite athletes, and is ideal in gym studios, Crossfit and home/garage gym settings.


  • Product: RitFit 7ft Olympic Barbell Weight Lifting Bar
  • Bar Type: Man's Bar
  • Bar Weight: 40±3lbs
  • Diameter: 28MM (1.1'')
  • Knurl: Multiple
  • Center Knurl: No
  • Knurl Marks: Dual
  • Bar Length: 86.6''
  • Sleeve Length: 16''
  • Bushing OR Bearing: Bearing
  • Color: Silver
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