ToughFit Decagon PEV Dumbbells

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    ToughFit Dumbbell Set


    Durable PEV Coated Dumbbells- ToughFit dumbbells feature an odor-free, easy-to-clean PEV coating. It ensures maximum durability and safety.

    Safe, Decagon Heads- Their unique decagon-shaped heads prevent rolling, ensuring safety and easy storage.

    100% Steel- Our dumbbells, made entirely of steel, offer superior durability and precision in terms of weight.

    Reliable Knurled Grip- A fully knurled handle guarantees a secure grip even when sweaty.

    Versatile Workout Equipment- These dumbbells cater to everyone, supporting various exercises, muscle group targets, and improving cardiovascular health.


    • Brand: ToughFit
    • Sizes range from 15lbs, 20lbs (sold in pair), 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs (sold in single)
    • Handle Length: 15CM/5.9″
    • Handle Diameter: 1.1″-1.33″
    • Head Material: PEV
    • Handle Material: Steel
    ToughFit Home Gym


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