ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells, PEV Material, 15-50LBS

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    PEV Coating Makes Quality Dumbbells
    ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells are coated with PEV material, an eco-friendly plastic material noted for being super durable, easy to sanitize, and odorless. For its excellent sustainability and safety, ToughFit adopts PEV material coating for our dumbbell heads to ensure our quality and safeguard your health. With PEV material, you no longer need to worry about paint chipping off your dumbbells or any disturbing odor. We guarantee you will find our decagon shape dumbbells ultra-sturdy against wear and tear, easy to sanitize, and odor-free.

    Decagon-Shaped Heads Allow Easy Use
    The unique decagon shape dumbbells preserve the sleek appearance of a round dumbbell, and yet the heads are edged to prevent rolling, thus protecting you from potential injury. You can easily grab the dumbbells where you left them and may perform floor exercises, such as dumbbell push-ups, with them. These decagon shape dumbbells are also perfectly gentle on your flooring and allow easy storage.

    Pure Steel Made dumbbells Produced with Superior Cutting Process
    ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells comprise 100% steel. Compared to iron, steel possesses a much more firm quality and thus makes our decagon shape dumbbells more long-lasting and fracture-resistant. We also applied a superior cutting method, which guarantees an even shape and precise weight to each of our dumbbells.

    Knurled Handle Gives You a Secure Grip
    ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells feature a straight and primarily knurled handle that allows a firm grip on the dumbbell. Unlike a partially knurled handle that may slip under sweat or mounting weight, our knurling guarantees you a fast grip through all circumstances.

    An All-in-one Fitness Piece
    ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells offer across-the-board training and health benefits to users from fitness beginners to professional athletes alike. With one set of dumbbells, you can easily meet your fitness & wellness goals with a minimal constraint on space and time, including but not limited to building a wide range of muscle groups such as arms, chest, back, legs, and core, perform a full-body workout such as HIIT, and significantly improve cardiovascular health through lifting. With this small piece of equipment, you are entitled to enjoy its versatile functions and the joy and fitness that comes along with it!


    • Brand: ToughFit Decagon Shape Dumbbells
    • Sizes range from 15lbs, 20lbs (sold in pair), 25lbs, 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs, 45lbs, 50lbs (sold in single)
    • Handle Length: 15.2CM/5.97''
    • Handle Diameter: 33MM ±2MM 
    • Head Material: PEV Material
    • Handle Material: Steel


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