Multifunctional Household Power Rack

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Size: 1425*1155*2100mm;
Area: 1.65 square meters
Carton Size: Box A: 2040*460*140mm; Box B:1160*380*170mm
Net Weight: Box A:56Kg; Box B:32.1Kg
Gross Weight: Box A:60Kg; Box B34.5Kg
Product Net Weight: 88.1Kg
Load Capacity: Max user weight: 140Kg
Functions: Barbell Squat, Pull up, Straight Arm Curl, Seated Row, Load Pullover, High Pulldown, Barbell Bent-over Row and etc.
Features: Simplified barbell bracket design, optimized gantry structure with barbell storage function which let you free to choose load weight; the solid protection rod has high strength and is not easy to deform which keeps you safe; Various height adjustment hole design meets various fitness needs; Olympic bar barrel design is easy to store Olympic bars; footboard on bottom beam design provides leg supports during seated row and low row, which makes training more effective.


Multifunctional Household Power Rack
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