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    47'' EZ Curl Bar, ⌀2'' Sleeves | RitFit Training Bar

    $109.99 $119.99

      Stainless Steel and Chromed Finish 
      RitFit chose stainless steel—the top-notch corrosion-resistant material—to make our bars solid and durable. We then applied a thin layer of chromium onto the stainless steel to give our bar that polished and silvery look. The chrome plating process also provides extra corrosion resistance to the bar and makes it easy to clean and tougher. 

      Consistently Etched Knurl For Fine Grips
      Our machining process etches consistent medium knurl on each bar. The medium knurl feels less pointy and abrasive than the aggressive knurl but still provides sufficient grip to sustain heavy lifts and curls. Our standard medium knurl will be your best choice for functional and at-home training. 

      Bronze Bushings Produce Balanced Rigidity and Whip
      Each of RitFit's curl bar adapts solid bronze bushings as bearing surfaces between the bar sleeve and bar shaft. The bushings are a cost-efficient choice that provides a robust connection between the sleeves and shaft and provides just enough spin and natural whip for your daily workout with a curl bar.

      RitFit curl bar features a silvery chromed finish. The zigzag shaft that is designed to effectively minimize wrist and elbow injuries during barbell curls. For those who aspire to prominent biceps and triceps, barbell curls are a necessity, and arm injury thus becomes more prevalent. Therefore, you need this heavy-duty curl bar: it will accompany you for years of training, and by keeping your grips at a cambered angle, the bar puts less stress on your wrists and elbows while still isolating your biceps. With it, you can continue to advance for those impressive arms without sacrificing your health.


      • Weight: 17.5lbs
      • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
      • Full Length: 47.2''
      • Shaft Length: 31.5''
      • Sleeve Diameter: 2''
      • Sleeve Length: 7.9''
      • Shaft Diameter: 1.12''

      Customer Reviews

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      Very good quality curl bar

      Very happy and satisfies with the curl bar

      Thanks, Gabriel ! I'm so glad you chose RitFit to fulfill your fitness needs :)

      Excellent quality and value

      Great knurling, good angles, smooth bearings. Highly recommend!