RitFit PHM01 Hip Thrust Machine (HTM-800)

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As the hip thrust exercise has accelerated in popularity, the hip thrust machine has exploded in popularity in recent years. The Hip Thrust Machine is an efficient way to perform the Hip Thrust exercise without having to set up the bar and weight bench to lean on. RitFit Hip Thrust Machine PHM01 (HTM-800 originally) provides secure support for your back and isolates your glutes safely and smartly. You can build power through a strong hip thrust motion, creating sexy glutes, and improved hip and core stability.

What's in the PHM01 Package:

Hip Thrust Machine PHM01 (HTM-800)
Barbell 7FT 20KG≈44LB 5FT 26.5LB
Plates 100LB Set Bumper 120LB Set Rubber

Pair: 10 lbs+15 lbs+25 lbs Pair: 10 lbs+15 lbs+35 lbs
Barbell Pad Set Pink Black


Effective Hip Thruster

The biomechanical design of the RitFit PHM01 Hip Thrust Machine aims to target the glutes and hip extensors. It supports balanced weight curves, full glute engagement, and secure spinal support. It helps to increase the strength and size of the gluteus maximus muscles and takes your glute workouts to the next level.

All-IN-ONE Machine & Full-body Workout

The size of this hip thrust machine is 62.5” x 27” x 21”. This considered footprint perfects your home gym setting. Compatible with 6 band pegs, 4 hooks, and a barbell foam, various training movements can be implemented flexibly. Hip thrust can be performed with barbell-free weights or resistance bands. Besides, squats, deadlifts, sit-ups, rows, etc., can also be executed based on exercisers' needs.

Heavy-Duty & Durable

Every part of this hip thrust machine is made of high-quality material. Rock-solid heavy-duty steel main frame ensures a maximum capacity of 800 lbs. A durable and anti-skid cover of thick rubber enhances safety during exercise, preventing trainers from accidental injury.

Comfortable Back Pad

The back pad is designed to be ergonomic and reliable. 6.3'' thick and arc-shaped padding tilting 30° provides an incomparable level of comfort at the appropriate height. Safely supported by this pad, we believe your hip thrust performance will be even more significant.

Easy Assemble & Convenient Move

It is easy to assemble under illustrative instructions, and all the necessary hardware is included. The wheels on the front make it easy to move just by lifting the trail. With the help of a drag handle, our hip thrust machine can also be easily stowed anywhere to save your space. It's time to say goodbye to bulky, hard-to-move workout equipment!


Model PHM01 (HTM-800 originally)
Size 62.5'' x 27'' x 21''
Footprint 11.72 SQFT
Height 21''
Pad Thickness 6.3''
Weight Capacity 800LB
Band Pegs 6
Hooks 4
Barbell Foam(/Sit-ups Foam) Yes (Removable)
Frame Material Alloy Steel
Mat Material Rubber


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